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This summer has been quite busy and as we start to usher in autumn, even with wedding season still amongst usI have heaps of party and entertaining inspiration waiting for you.  

Today, I am featuring some realistic greenery and table decorations, including a fun DIY centrepiece that I created for Marry Me. Some of you may have seen glimpses of it on my Insta Stories 

Of course, this centrepiece can be created and displayed for events other than weddings and engagements. With that being said, for a semi-modern and country centrepiece, I decided to use real moss to blend other natural and faux elements together to show you how to make a striking, budget-friendly centrepiece. 

The best bit is that I used an old mirror that I purchased at a vintage shop ages ago—this mirror was oddly large, not as tall as full-length styles and deceptively heavy. The only thing that I could think of aside from hanging it against the studio wall was using this mirror as a statement centrepiece—a very large one.  
I went for it! The theme was garden-inspired, re-using elements and materials already at my disposal. 

These days, a lot of people are keen on saving, recycling and/or revamping elements, and that‘s good. It doesn’t mean that you have to compromise entirely on quality or style. Although, this is a different version of what I’ve done in the past (regarding elegance) I believe that it still has beauty and a level of sophistication that can be translated to suit the theme. If you’re not certain how to do it, start small. A great example is by using real moss—moss is affordable and you don’t need a large amount of it to begin.  

Also, I suggest investing in unique vases, votive holders and/or candles. The ceramic white vases are painted with the likeness of wood and used as accent pieces. I made a quick DIY sign out of leftover wood planks from another project, then added loose letters to artfully scatter them on the board. I used faux pearls as clasps for each plank.  

As you can see I used the moss as a base for framing my garden-like centrepiece, then worked it along the edges of the frame, but not making it perfect. Natural elements such as moss will not be perfect—it's easy to shape and re-shape. For an additional layering, I used both faux and real leaves, eucalyptus, wisteria and other greenery to complement the piece. 

The ivory lace style plates add a touch of refinement and stylishness albeit affordability is acutely at the focus. 

You see, there are ways to incorporate affordable elements and still maintain a sense of rustic luxury.  

Additionally, the sea glass (jade) coloured milk bottles are clear bottles that I spray painted to go along with this theme. There's more inspiration to come ... stay tuned!

What do you think of this event décor and DIY greenery? 

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