Harvest Décor + [Photos]


To celebrate autumn, I thought I would share a few of my favourite homeware pieces for the harvest season. Can you believe that it’s October already? 

Harvest season is all about embracing comfort, reflecting on your summer ending enjoyment whilst allowing yourself to welcome the transitional period ahead. It's a time where nature has a way of creating something beautiful out of the simplest things; when withered leaves and broken branches can even look amazing at the right time of day (not just at the old golden hour.)  

Fallen leaves even change their clothes into something warmer and more seasonably suitable—from olive greens to amber oranges and ruby red hues. Mother Nature certainly knows how to make a statement, in rich colours! 

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I am featuring the Harvest Collection from Cracker Barrel’s homeware range, which is a great addition to your rustic countryside homeware for an autumn harvest brunch. The collection is a charming line of bold autumnal colours fine-tuned with nature depictions: leaves, owls and sunflowers. Cosy pieces include pillows, tableware and more! A lot of the Old Country Store’s product and inspiration is quite similar to some English styles, especially cottage-inspired pieces. 

How To Get That Autumn Finesse  
Adding touches of autumn to your home can be as simple or as complex as you desire. To start, go with the evident—think about what evokes autumn to you and what ignites your mood. Remember last year’s theme? Here are a few areas of influence to starthere, and handmade DIY inspiration here. 

We typically have a Harvest dinner party and I usually opt for a very lavish cornucopia display in some form (in the formal dining area) when November comes around, but that usually takes strategic planning or a good weekend solely dedicated to decorating. So, it was especially lovely to try these pieces out from Cracker Barrel’s Harvest collection.  

Christmas is our next seasonal holiday at home and in the spirit of the harvest season, I love the idea of a friends dedicated dinner. These accents are all about comfort and gathering together—the “Friendsgiving” tabletop works perfectly for that concept. If you notice, everything is quite approachable in terms of pieces used and styling.  

Adding one or two items that are personal to you will always work. Choose conversational starters; pieces that have a backstory or items that are inherently unique to you and your family. Since we travel a lot and have several jet-setting friends I am keen on incorporating such worldly elements, such as this vintage-style printed trunk shown here. It’s actually a set, with the larger one used for throws and blankets. 

The harvest platter is my favourite piece and it makes the perfect presentation accent, not to mention it makes a vessel for holding a certain cakey, blueberry indulgence to love. 

What do you think of these Harvest pieces? Are you excited for the autumn season? 

The goodsGather Tablerunner, Copper Acorn Candle, Stoneware: Harvest Platter, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Harvest Teapot-Provided by Cracker Barrel, a FASHION TALES media partner. View the Harvest theme, or shop the seasonal Harvest collection here. 

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