3 Cheers To Mental Health // Plant-Based Edition


As you may very well be aware by now, I am all about natural healing and holistic remedies, and a great plant medicine does the body well, especially when used properly. Being intentional takes time, and good habits do not happen overnight. This is why I decided to give you a few plant-based powders, including Private label Lion’s Mane Capsules to use in healthy drinks to improve not only mental well-being but your overall lifestyle and assist you in the process of natural healing. 

This year, I will be giving you a closer look at my daily, weekly and monthly routines involving certain aspects of my lifestyle. Of course, I have to keep some tips to myself but I am excited to share many with you all in the coming months. 

It’s important to know about concentrated forms of things like terpenes, and safety when using plants and commercial products. Nowadays, there are loads of resources for buying natural medicinal herbs, including CFAH gummies, CBD supplements, and more. If you’re interested in using CBD oil and buying CBD products, make certain to understand the regulations, including the CBD oil UK law 2025, or 2019 whenever you are reading this before buying products. 

Here are three daily and/or a weekly spoonful of goodness that isn’t kale or turmeric-infused. Don’t get me wrong, those are two of my favourite ingredients, but they are also quite trendy. The truth is, there are plenty of other healthy herbs, spices and plants that you haven‘t likely even tried yet. Extra points if you remember this post because we do revisit one of those plant powders today. 

  1. 1. For Inner & Outer Beauty // “Call-It-Gin, Tonic” 
I don’t use this collagen every day because it is quite grainy (after it settles even if blended well in liquid) and I get my collagen intake by using it in other ways. When I feel up to it, I typically prepare this powder either in herbal tea with mint or lemon water, or in ginger and cinnamon-spiced tea with a little non-dairy cream. You may also use it in coffee or in other foods. Sometimes I have sprinkled it in my smoothie because it’s not my favourite albeit nutritious. 

This particular formula is boosted with adaptogenic elements for beautifying internally and externally—with adaptogens, like Gynostemma, and Fo-Ti, a root used in Chinese herbal medicine (He Shou Wu) for health-boosting for the heart and life longevity. 

Adaptogen herbs are said to help with stress and balance, adjusting your body‘s response to stress and hormone production. Adaptogens are merely plants that are non-toxic, and natural healing herbs that have been used for centuries in holistic, Chinese and Ayurvedic healing methods but often marketed as stress resistors because they help your body to adapt to stress, somewhat like a trainer for your body. 

If you’re not new to using holistic healing methods, then you may have heard of these types of plants—mushrooms are one of many that are having a moment in the market. Each adaptogen is special and has varied functions. The herb or plant used is contingent on your need or ailment. For example, to reduce stress, get a better nights sleep or aid severe allergies, one might take reishi mushrooms. 

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This collagen powder has He Shou Wu extract powder (organic), Horsetail extract powder (wild-crated), Gynostemma (wildcrafted), Nettles (wildcrafted), and Calendula (organic). Blended with all suggested doses for health 

Benefits: Silica and calcium combined aids in the body's natural production of collagen, for beautiful hair, skin and nails. Comfrey is added for phosphorus and calcium for strengthening the bones. 

  1. 2. For Overall Detox & Mental Health // Not Yo’ Matcha Blend” 

‘Dear Moringa, you have been so good to me. No, you’re not exactly matcha (green tea) but you have chock-full of marvellous benefits that I cannot get enough of. Thank-you.’ This is what your body will say after having a good hot or chilled version of this plant powder. I usually make a tea with the powder version: I make it with almond milk, or coconut milk, and add a dash of pure vanilla. Next, blitz or whisk it vigorously and voila!  

Made from the moringa leaf (organically grown), this plant leaf is as green as matcha powder but with other added benefits. Moringa can be used as a natural energy booster as well as detoxifying aid, with its purification ability from harmful bacteria. 

Benefits: Ultimate anti-inflammatory powerhouse filled with antioxidants. This is a plant that is just amazing to have in your home apothecary — boosting your immune system as well as improving your digestive health, helping to reduce sickness and diseases, hypertension, and even eye disorders resulting in age. *View other benefits, skin uses and differences that moringa has than matcha here. 

  1. 3. For a Mental Spring in Your Step // “Productivity Mush-Mix 

As you know, I love cooking with mushrooms and introduced a few versions of mushroom concentrated powders last year here. Since then I have been implementing more adaptogenic ingredients in my regular diet. I like this powder because it’s mixed with cacao since there is a higher concentration of organic mushrooms. 

I recently bought two new adaptogen powders and compared each of them. I liked two out of three of them, and this particular one by Anima Mundi Herbals, I have not featured yet on the blog. I also like to use Mangosteen Hibiscus, with dark cocoa powder, if I want a different flavour; the citrusy mangosteen peel and floral notes from the hibiscus gives the cocoa a slightly tart and pleasing taste.

This formula has some of the most amazing mushrooms used for brain health and healing from ancient times, and has seven different varieties of mushrooms: 20% reishi (heals the lungs and also great for calming and helping with allergies), 15% chaga (healing support from tumours and radiation), 10% shitake (anti-ageing and support reproductive system), 10% maitake (cholesterol reduction and sheds toxic fat in the body), 15% cordyceps (massive energy support, immune and blood protection), 10% Lions Mane (supports brain health), 20% agaricus (used to help treat type 2 diabetes and cancer.) 

Benefits: Many of the benefits are listed after each ingredient. Additionally, this is a rich mushroom product that is 75% mushrooms and 25% cacao so this is concentrated enough to make a real difference in your cognitive performance and overall health. I also recommend this book, as I read it last year and refer to it from time to time when using other mushrooms that I haven’t used before; a good reference guide for versatile uses. 

I hope that this post introduced you to new super herbs to incorporate in your lifestyle, and provided insight about more plants and foods for your mind, body and soul. 
*All of these are plant-based and suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets. 

Have you tried any of these types of herbs or powders yet in your diet? 

Further reading on Fo-Ti: *HereThe goods: *Moringa-c/o Anima Mundi Herbals, Personal: Adaptogen, and Collagen Booster.

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