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The Mushroom Mask and Face Tonic are two products by Four Sigmatic from their newly launched beauty range. The concept: To beautify your body externally by starting from within. All-natural skincare produced with organic ingredients is always a benefit that beauty mavens can appreciate. And I definitely haven’t seen many brands (if any, that I recall) have a mask and/or serum that you can actually eat. This was already intriguing enough from the start. 

With healthy ingredients that you can use on your face and also take internally, the range promotes versatility twofold. It’s a seemingly simplified way to have two products in one; use [the products] either as a mask, tonic or both as a dietary supplement (Ds). Who doesn’t want a superfood beauty product that moonlights as a hydrating serum or skin detoxifying tonic? Sounds almost too good to be true, right? Let’s dig into it. 

Lucky for you, I’ve tried them both and here was my experience: 

 (Above: Serum, great for dry skin.)

Superfood SERUM - [*10 out of 10 rated for uses: serum & Ds] 
(Hydrate w/oils & reishi) 

Directions are as follows: As a serum apply twice post cleansing face and toning. Thoroughly massage into the skin. As a supplement: Take four drops by mouth for wellness support. This comes in a jar bottle form with a pump dispenser.  
Key ingredients: Organic oil blends of avocado fruit, and olive oil fruit; honeysuckle flower extract, Japanese honeysuckle flower extract, as well as oil blends from reishi spore (mushroom), Tsubaki seed, essential grapefruit peel and frankincense.   

Pros: It feels like a luxury oil; it’s a semi-translucent (yellowish) oil with medium thickness (think, olive oil) and not too runny. It smells delicious and sort of tastes like a lemonade; likely due to the grapefruit and citrus blends it’s made with. The serum blends well and hydrates the skin without being greasy – leaving a lovely sheen on your skin. It’s also very travel-friendly and compact enough to fit in any carryall. I really liked it!
Cons: None 

This chai latte was new for me, it’s a subtly sweet and spiced latte mix to promote a healthy gut and digestion. Key ingredients include the following: turkey tail and reishi mushrooms, organic: cardamom, cinnamon, coconut milk, ginger, clove, coconut palm sugar and stevia extract, etc.  

MUSHROOM Face Mask & Tonic - [*8.5 out of 10, rated for uses: mask] 
(Purify w/mushrooms & adaptogens) 

As a mask it’s simple; mix one and a half teaspoon of the black powder with one teaspoon of water. Drinking this as a tonic, it is suggested to use a teaspoon of powder then add hot water. 

Pros: I generally liked the taste of the tonic and even added a little almond milk to mine. If you’ve tried anything from the brand, this, in my opinion, was very different from any of the products that I have tried before. You do have that earthiness in the first taste (with organic reishi and chaga mushroom extracts) and then the flavour hints of cinnamon and ginger comes in. Another plus is that it comes with a wooden scooping spoon. 

Even though there are no claims for it to clear pores or provide clearer skin, if you’ve used activated charcoal, then you probably already know that it’s great for absorbing oils in the skin and aids in detoxifying. Therefore, it did tighten my skin, and make it brighter, clean and feel softer without over drying. 
Other ingredients include organic: cacao, nutmeg, activated charcoal, panax ginseng, gotu kola as well as coconut and citric acid. 

Cons: The mask does leave a slight dark residue on the skin after washing (if you leave it on by the suggested time directions). I found that this problem is easily solved by using coconut oil or any face oil to wipe away the excess. 

Sadly, after drinking the tonic, I broke out in hives and had a swollen throat. I went seeking medical attention. To my knowledge, I was not allergic to anything on the ingredient list. I found out later that my reaction to taking the tonic internally was because apparently, I had an allergic response to taking the [centella asiatica root] aka Gotu kola internally; this was new to me. After that severe scare, I decided to only use the mask topically. I always look at the ingredients in everything that I use because of other allergies that I have —  I am glad that all is better now. 

Final Thoughts: I have used the mask topically since that occurrence; it still works quite well as a purifying mask. I love the luxe packaging; it’s semi-glossy and sleek in black with teal and white text, and naturally stands out from their other branded products. Overall, this seems to be a good new line of offerings. To be honest, I think I like both products as a beauty product not as a dietary supplement. We’ll have to see what’s next for this beauty range. Of course, the serum was definitely my favourite product — it hydrates well and gives your skin a healthy glow.  

What do you think of this beauty range? Have you tried anything from Four Sigmatic?  
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