Your DōTERRA Need: The Fab Five


In this volume, I wanted to share five lifestyle oils and blends that are incredibly different from previous selections. There are a couple that you may not know of, but they’re certainly in the same family of plants and florals that are in some of your beauty or household products.   

1. dōTERRA On Guard™ Mouthwash    
This effective mouthwash is alcohol-free and refreshingly cleanses your mouth. The clear and soothing formula is made with On Guard essential oil: clove, miswak extract, orange peel, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary and monk fruit. A clean scent for fresh breath and easy to use in your oral hygiene. I’d love to see this in a smaller travel-friendly bottle as well!  

2. Thyme   
Thymus vulgaris  

Thyme is such a wonderful herb but can be potent in cooking, or holistic healing – the trick is to know how to use it and when to use this as an essential oil. In the culinary world, and in my family, it’s often used to flavour poultry, fowl, game and vegetables. I also use dried thyme leaves in tea, but that is probably more of a cultural flavour from childhood and an acquired taste than not. In Egyptian culture, it was used in embalming ceremonies.  

Used as seasoning mostly, thyme has also been used in ancient times for health — as incense in temples, repelling insects and supporting the immune system are just a few uses from the old days. 

This oil smells just like the fresh leaves; herbaceous, and warm with a slight musk aroma but has underlining floral notes that is surprising, this rounds out the scent. This herb has been used for ages to provide a better night's sleep, allowing one to rest peacefully.  Thyme is used as a cleansing agent for purifying the skin but has a high thymol content. Therefore, I suggest using a carrier oil even if you don’t have sensitive skin for topical application since the herb oil is quite potent.  

Beauty Tips: Add thyme to your shampoo or conditioner to revitalise your scalp, and promote hair growth as well as stimulate your scalp before deep conditioning. It’s refreshing, just as rosemary and you can even blend other favourite scents with it.  
Method: Steam Distilled, leaf  

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3. dōTERRA Rose Touch   
Rosa damascena  

If you have smelled rose oil, then you should be aware of the difference—Bulgarian rose vs. Geranium, English rose or concentrated forms of rose oil. This rose essential oil smells as if you have loads of bouquets of roses in your room, it’s exceptional and sweet. I love the aroma of rose, which is important because it, just as any scent, is not for everyone.   

Last time, I mentioned jasmine, this time rose essential oil is the surprise feature because of its incredibly delicate yet labour-intensive process for producing and distilling the rose petals alone. This oil is by far one of the most precious and sought-after oils globally, and if you've used rose oil before, then you understand the skin benefits alone are noteworthy (reducing appearance of skin imperfections, toning and complexion-enhancing benefits).  

Use this oil in your skincare routine, as a body oil after bathing or in your daily routine as a perfume. It’s ideal if you just want a hint of fragrance or even adding some to the palms of your hand and using it on your hair, after conditioning.  

The essential oils in the Touch collection are not only convenient whilst travelling, but ideal for any occasion, and let me put an emphasis on how wonderful it is to have it in your bag when you need it. Additionally, the great reminder is that it is blended with a fractionated coconut carrier oil, so cast your worries aside.   

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4. Green Mandarin  
Citrus nobilis   
The oil is pressed from the unripe part of the fruit (peel) of the mandarin tree, not to be confused with Red Mandarin, which is derived from a more mature tree.   

Benefits include: may support cardiovascular health and cellular function due to limonene, naturally found in Green Mandarin, and y-Terpinene, derived from the essential oil Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree); which has antimicrobial properties combating human pathogens.  

This uplifting scent has a citrus aroma that immediately gives you a happy feeling. Green Mandarin is widely known for its calming and soothing benefits to the nervous system. The invigorating scent is clean, fresh and sweet (think, tangerine and lime’s cousin).  

Use this oil to help with digestion, and to support a healthy immune system. Green Mandarin has quite unique traits and uses; the essential oil is almost as versatile as lemon oil, in that, it can also be used for cleaning surfaces. I really loved this oil, especially using it after a long day. It is stress relieving and definitely, a personal recommendation would be to use it in your diffuser as an alternative to lavender or other traditionally soothing scents.  
Method: Cold Pressed  

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5. Pink Pepper   
Schinus molle    

I have to say; I've always been intrigued by pink peppercorns—they are beautiful. My mum uses them in so many things, but I have not used them as much in beverages as I have in cooking. In more recent years, I have started to used them in teas, and chilled frozen drinks especially for warmer months.    

Think of pink pepper as black pepper’s posh sister. It has a similar fragrance of black pepper, very spicy and woodsy, but a subtle fruity aroma. Known for helping to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol level, pink pepper may also aid cellular health and studies have shown to help with the nervous system. Ancient Incans protected the peppercorn tree (often related to cashews), and it was utilised in all its parts including the fruit.   

One recipe that I have made it with is fresh fruit. I will share my favourite refreshing recipe soon.    
Method: Steam Distilled  

Did you know any of these or have you tried these oils? What’s your favourite way to use Thyme or Pink Peppercorns?  
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*Remember, essential oils are highly concentrated, and not to be internally, especially in high doses without proper research and an experienced herbalist, or consent from a physician. It is important to understand alternative methods and holistic healing elements are not for everyone but are natural ways of promoting health and wellness. 
The goods: Essential oils, storage box, and coconut oil-Provided by dōTERRA, a FASHION TALES media blog sponsor. Learn more about *Miswak benefits here. As always, all content and opinions are honestly expressed and my own. These are suggested benefits for essential oils. If pregnant or nursing, consult your physician before using.  

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