Matte Luxury: An Equal Opp [Cutlery]


Mepra cutlery

Mepra collaborated with Pininfarina to produce STILE, a line of luxury cookware and cutlery that evoketheir core values of innovation, beauty and purity.  

The cutlery I have featured below is matte; intentionally shown so that you might get a glimpse of how versatile the matte aesthetic can be. I typically like matte finishes for casual dining, but an understated opulence and simplicity is present and should not be underestimated.   

Both matte styles here, one in Ice Oro (gold) and Bronzo Ice (bronze) do not fall short in design – there’s still an unequivocally thoughtful design. It’s harmonious and produced with scale and table presentation in mind. One set includes a tablespoon, fork, knife, teaspoon and dessert fork.  

bronze flatware

Style & Tech:
The line is absolutely ideal for the modern minimalist or anyone looking to add a more streamlined beautiful piece of flatware to their tables. The clean lines with a focus on style and function are all at the centre of what the STILE collection embodies.  

I was delighted to style these pieces. Admittedly, I was equally surprised by the difference using a matte finish, debunking the idea that the mirrored and shiny should always triumph in luxury settings.   

Gold flatware on white plate
The flatware is developed with the same [NASA] resistant technology used to cover shuttle panels in the aeronautic industry. A Physical Vapour Disposition (*PVD) method is used to achieve the colour with a surface treatment through a vacuum process where zirconium nitride (ZrN) and ions of titanium nitride (TiN) are deposited on the cutlery surface. This is not only beneficial to the aeroplane industry but also to the hospitality industry due to the demand for heavy-duty gold-plated cutlery with premium results.   

There’s nothing like proper cutlery, whether you’re casually entertaining or wanting something a little more luxe and refined. The food could be great, but if your flatware isn’t pristinely polished or is less than suitable for the occasion, your guests will have an unsavoury memory. 

Dinnerware and flatware for some is a time to wine, dine and shine. It’s a moment to bring out cherished tableware pieces and contemporary artful wares that you don’t use every day. Although these pieces are both stylish and globally accessible for everyone, not just for luxury hotels and fine dining establishments.    
Salmon on plate
As you know, we take pride in our dinner parties, brunches, breakfasts and every gathering in-between. And, if you’re fortunate enough to be invited, you needn’t bring anything except yourself, a good attitude and an empty belly. You’ll savour the moments, the conversations and the fact that you’re enveloped in couture table setting style.   

Amidst the gilded and coppery glisters and fellow guests in their casual finery, you’re gifted by warm greetings upon entering the entertaining room.  

“Come join us! We’re noble with candour, elegant yet approachable and striking but humble.” Welcome to our table.  

What do you think of the matte bronze and gold collection? Are you 'Team B' or 'Team G?' 

Bronze rose gold flatware
Materials: Stainless steel 18/10 - *PVD coated in bronze matte, and gold matte finish. *Enhances abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Gold flatware white plates food styling
The goods: Mepra cutlery STILE by Pininfarina in Bronzo matte and Oro matte-Provided by-The Luxury Art Mepra, a FASHION TALES blog media partner. Coffee Set-[Buy it here] Shop Mepra and the latest Stile by Pininfarina collection here. All content and opinions are honestly expressed. *Some affiliate linking is enclosed in this post. 

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