An Intro To Summer


Are you ready for summer? The season is upon us once more and if you’re a gastronome like myself, then I can already feel your exaltations for “grilling season.” From char-grilled root vegetables to bbq-glazed poultry, there’s nothing like summer cooking and entertaining.  

What’s more, these wooden beauties by John Boos & Co. sit on the table in all of their glory — both boards shown in this post could certainly stand alone as a stunning display board but why not put it to good use? We’re celebrating summer, the way it should be celebrated, that is, after all of your poolside fun, beach holidaying and weekend jaunts. It’s no surprise that you’ve ended up here to virtually digest some vibrant culinary and décor inspiration. The invite is always open and this time, I am doing it in a simplified fashion ... sort of.   

I set out to provide inspiration for seasonal graze boards; a table of light mains or hearty starters. This is for the couple only wishing to entertain several guests, the entertaining darling that doesn’t want to do loads of cooking but is still up for a colourful spread to tuck into, or anyone who has a small entertaining space. This one’s for you! 

This hard maple Boos Block is an end-grain constructed board, with four wooden feet, which give a raised aesthetic. It's ideal for intimate table settings but also can be a great accent for displaying your favourite condiments. I love them! The latest addition to the line is breadboards (I will talk more on those later in the season), which were christened with oven-roasted garlic bulbs in olive oil 

Farmer’s market shopping and locally grown vegetables are perennial favourites to get amongst when thinking about seasonal entertaining. Tender-skinned squashes are perfect elements to add colour to the table, not to mention, they are great additions for light dipping and sauce dunking.  

Summer entertaining is a good time to be a little more laidback. It’s the perfect time to incorporate simple décor for dining al fresco, whether you’re entertaining on a weeknight or the weekend. Wood variations, stoneware and galvanised pieces are also wonderful elements for the season. These components are inviting as much as they are stylish. 

You may have noticed, for this particular spread, there are no spreadable cheeses on the menu, only Greek feta for the salad, and a homemade herb dip, but that’s not to say there weren’t any platters in the house. I wouldn’t blame you if you added a few pieces of Shropshire Blue from the stocked shelves, either. I mean, summer is just getting started and I’ve so much to share with you … We’ll cheers to brekkie, elevenses and everything afterward.  

Stay tuned, darlings. Your palate cleanser awaits. 

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Do you plan on entertaining soon? What foods excite you for the summer? 

The goods: Maple Mini (End grain) Butcher Block-Provided by John Boos & Co., a FASHION TALES blog media & culinary partner. All content and opinions are honestly expressed and my own. Shop more boards and Boos blocks here. *This post contains some affiliate-sponsor links, view privacy policy. 

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