No-Fuss Entertaining [What You Need]


It’s fantastic to be back after a long getaway (more on that later). I haven’t forgotten that summer is still in full effect, and what better reason to embrace a warm season of hosting, homecooked food and all that jazz. 

John Boos & Co. has added a new line of breadboards, in addition to their quality range of cutting boards and butcher blocks. The best part is that you don’t have to be a cook to use these — each style in the line will suit culinary enthusiasts at any level.   

These boards below are just two of the three style offerings from the latest collection. You can see them here in beautiful walnut, and a maple colour.  

What To Love 
These are lightweight boards that are both versatile and stylish. The edge-grain boards are convenient to use and will serve for more than one mere function. I am putting them to good use for fruit and vegetable boards, bread and gourmet cheeses, table accessories, etc. 

For settings with several guests or more, it might be ideal to have more than one mainboard to pass around the table. Trust me, you will have fruitful results using boards like these without having to use larger trays (cluttering the table) that aren’t entirely necessary. For more intimate dining and entertaining, use the boards both as table display and bread slab boards. Don't forget this post, if you want to know how I clean my boards. 

I really loved the walnut board, it’s a beautiful dark colour that stands amongst the rest for our casual entertaining. It will give your entertaining sidecar service a relaxing nature upgrade, yet it is still sleek enough to have a luxe feel if you so choose to indulge in that aesthetic. 

Citrus-glazed salmon with quinoa and crispy brown rice adorned these boards with a few extras. You can also grab the recipe for my freshly baked wheat baguettes studded with oats here 

Stay tuned for summer features, including a recipe postcard from France, inspiring luxury homeware and more culinary goodies for the season! 

What do you think of this spread and these breadboards?          
The goods: 2019 Breadboards in Black Walnut, and American Cherry -Provided by John Boos & Co., a FASHION TALES blog media & culinary partner. All content and opinions are honestly expressed and my own. Shop more boards and Boos blocks here.  

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