5 Reasons To Include Your Fiancée Shopping For An Engagement Ring


Ask any man what they dread the most, and buying an engagement ring will likely be high on their list, and for good reason! Acquiring the wrong ring is simply not an option! Of course, if you want to be absolutely certain that she loves the ring, you should find out secretly what she loves or, rather, have her decide on the design and you can’t go wrong. 

More and more couples are moving away from the conventional surprise wedding proposal for this very reason. Here are a few of the reasons why a joint decision makes a whole lot of sense.

1. Don’t Take Chances – In the event you chose an engagement ring that wasn’t her ideal choice, would she tell you? The chances are you would never know, and in order to avoid such a thing happening, you should both choose the ring. Check out these stunning handmade engagement rings Melbourne couples want from a respected custom jeweller, and with her eye for style, you really can’t put a foot wrong!

2. Staying Within Your Budget – Calling all men! If she accompanies you to go ring shopping, you won’t overspend, and that is a blessing in disguise. It is perfectly natural for a man to want his fiancée to have the ultimate engagement ring, and without her to guide you, you could easily end up spending far too much. 

3. Getting the Right Response – Involving your fiancée in the engagement ring selection eliminates the risk of a negative response when you pop the question, so you can breathe a sigh of relief. Whilst it might not happen very often, imagine how it would feel if you went to great lengths to spring a surprise on her, only to be met with a refusal? With you both hunting for the perfect ring, there’s no surprise to spring, and at the end of the day; a proper response is what is important.

4. Her Appreciation  – Knowing that you are concerned about whether she will like the ring goes an awful long way, and she will always remember that you had the foresight to involve her in the choice of ring. Sharing is an important part of any relationship, and asking her to help you choose the ring is a win-win situation, and by having the ring designed, she can actually have the ring of her dreams!

5. Removing the Pressure – One of the biggest fears for any man who is about to propose is that she won’t like the ring he chose. Let’s face it, if you did choose a ring that she wasn’t impressed with, would you ever know? There are women who would pretend they love the ring so that their partner‘s feelings aren‘t hurt. If she is actively involved in choosing the engagement ring, you know you are onto a winner!

When you take all of the above into consideration, having your partner involved in the ring selection process is ideal, as it eliminates all of the uncertainties.

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