Skeleton Party & [Halloween Décor]


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Halloween is looming and instead of being entirely horrifying I thought a twist on such a dark occasion would be a fun way to go. Keep in mind, gourmet spooky food would be ideal for your party as well 

Come join the party because unicorns sometimes get a bad reputation, and often are completely ridiculous in a good way; why not add a skeletal element this year?

Get inspired here for Halloween supplies and decorations, if you’re keen on hosting your own themed night. 

In this set, I have a few DIYs and playfully decorated accents alongside the Halloween theme. Yes, bats, bats and more bats! I spray painted unfinished wooden bats black and used them throughout the shoot. 

As a child, I was obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe so there were a few references in this initial shoot if you’ve read the Raven or know his works you’d understand.  

Skeleton Day:
My Halloween table display and décor here is an ode to the warrior, my unicorn takes on all the negative vibes that you may encounter, she is a fighter; much like many of us, there is often a battle to make it through the week or even the month. She’s here for you! 

This unicorn skeleton is part of the OTC skeleton party, an exclusive new range of various skeletons to get your Halloween decorating in the right direction. The range includes the aforementioned as well as a cat, mermaid, and dragon, amongst others.  

OTC Skeleton Squad

Spooky Eyeful: 
Halloween can be playful and stylish just as it can be creepy and garish. Speaking of the latter, these orbs are absolutely spooky yet there is a small part of me that loved how unique they were. Conversation starters? Check. Halloween approved? Check.  

Let's talk about the Game of Thrones-esque battle crusader shield and sword! This is a Halloween or dramatic decorating favourite that works well with the theme. I didn't mind it. Notwithstanding, I will use the shield for something else. To be honest, it is all too good of a prop to be tucked away for an extended period of time. 

I painted the ceramic pumpkins a bronze-gold, then distressed them a bit for accents on the table. The birdcage raven and crow lights were adorable and I have about two other ideas for it in the future. They are also great to use for other occasions, or if you don’t know how you want to decorate for Halloween, these make it easy. 

What do you think of this Halloween inspiration and decoration?

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Unicorn Party

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