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Are you planning to entertain this month or anytime soon, specifically, over the holidays? Whether it’s for a small weeknight gathering or a hosted weekend of entertaining, sometimes making the actual meal simple and having a more elaborate table is far more effective than not. It’s also a lot wiser. If you want an evening of entertaining without all the fuss, gather round the table, and pull out a Ruffoni pan.  

Ruffoni Copper pot
Ruffoni copper pot
The Opus Cupra collection is one of prestige, bringing heirloom-quality cookware with a design function for real-life circumstances. Handcrafted intricate details adorn the luxury cookware in this line with advanced technological methods in metal-cladding for premier performance. 

The festive season is the perfect time for glistening pieces to be present for entertaining. Whether you are hosting a dinner party of your own for family or just good friends, simple comfort meals served in exquisite cookware never goes amiss. Of course, you should know my genuine love for copper by now, and it gets even deeper when the Advent season arrives. If you want to make an impression with homecooked food, or perhaps you’re entertaining for the first time; I’ve got you sorted.  

Ruffoni copper
Truffle pasta

I have curated alternatives for everyone to enjoy. Something like Bolognese or tortellini is always one of my favourites.  

I made a truffle and mushroom tortellini dish — find the recipe here — to fill the bellies of the masses. A one-pot meal can be such a splendid way of saving time, feeding large groups, and keeping it simple. You don’t have to compromise on gourmet tastes. Simply add fresh herbs and spices. Ancient herbs like thyme or rosemary work well with earthy vegetables and poultry.  

With that being said — as if a mere glance wasn’t reason enough — let me tell you why you should get on board with this cookware style. The size of this pan is ideal, it’s not too large and not too small, yet exceptionally favourable for entertaining. This versatile pot would be lovely for a small family or even a couple.

My favourite element of this soup pot is the intricate pumpkin and gourd design on the lid as well as the hammering effect. The hammering gives an almost magical aesthetic, alongside the decorative knobs and riveted stainless steel handles. I wanted to capture the beauty and essence of this cookware. There’s true beauty in this collection.

With being crafted from solid copper, heat distribution from the bottom and the sides of the pan allow higher performance. It’s important to note that families can use Ruffoni copper cookware without hesitation because the pieces are hygienic and easy to clean. This pot has a thin layer of aluminium interior and can be used in the oven, on gas, and ceramic heating elements, except induction. 

What do you think of Ruffoni’s Opus Cupra collection? 

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Truffle tortellini in copper pot
Ruffoni Copper pots pans
Ruffoni Luxury Cookware
Copper hammered copper pot Ruffoni
The goods: Opus Cupra 3.75 Qt, 20cm Soup Pot-[Shop it] w/Pumpkin/Gourd Knob & Lid-Provided by Ruffoni. Shop the Ruffoni collection here. View the Opus Cupra luxury collection here. 
Ruffoni copper pot truffle pasta
copper pot Ruffoni
Ruffoni copper pot

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