Outer Space Valentine's Party


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Space Galaxy Party

I was given a task, a mighty but very imaginative one. Mission: Our challenge was Valentine’s Day, to create a card box. This was such a fun and playful theme and open to expansive interpretations if you're creative. My take on it varies but the main concept was all about global love, it's such a gift to have all the freedoms that many of us often take for granted. 

I know several friends and family members who are going through incredible life changes at the minute, as we all do at one point or another. It's the kind of change that will take them temporarily away from their loved ones be it for career, business promotions or for personal reasons. 

Since travelling has always been such a huge part of my childhood and still is part of my life, I decided to incorporate it here. In some way, this was inspired by all of them — it’s a worldly adult view for a youthful challenge. 

This post is a little different because I have not shared our most recent dinner parties but don’t worry, plenty were had and I have some posts in the works. For now, let’s take a jaunt through the galaxy, to the moon and the stars. I hope you enjoy the feature; I urge you to enter as a child would in their imaginative playground. There’s much to explore and even more to appreciate.

How to Throw a Space Themed Party
DIY Astronaut Party

This theme is appropriate for youth and adults, it’s very versatile and fun concept. You can get as animated or as sophisticated as you prefer with the décor, do what strikes your fancy. Anyway, all things considered, I had a go of it here. Take a look and be inspired! 

I remember having a massive collection of enormous books about air and space given to me by my father. As you can see these adorable space lollipops (of rockets, astronauts, and Earth) add a real likeness to the theme, as well as a bunch of hilarious and vibrant photo props that I added for a touch of frivolity. 
You may have seen some of these DIYs and other behind the scenes footage of the process in my Instagram Stories, including this hand-painted abstract constellation board that I created with metallic paint.
Space Themed Party

Get Crafty: DIY 

1. Card Box: With a variety of paper wall maps, I cut them in half and used the papers to cover my box. Using realistic stamps made this box look like it had been through a multitude of destinations.  

2. Décor accents: I thought it would be nice to make DIY paper aeroplanes, they are wooden
miniatures that I painted in red and gold, of course, in this party all things aerospace were considered. As a science nerd, anything that has to do with space, namely constellations, or astronauts makes my heart skip a beat. 

3. Artwork: Speaking of constellations, I painted an abstract piece with metallic paint for the wall hanging. It was in a rush but actually turned out the way I wanted it for an additional art element.

4. Custom takeaways: Guests love a few extras and what better than to give them space-themed favours? These boxes are simple to put together. Just fill them with savoury goodies or space-themed treats.  

5. ‘Your love is out of this world’ - I used plank boards that I was going to bin for the sign. Simple particleboard will work too. Use wooden alphabet letters and a super glue stick to adhere the letters on. It holds quite well.   

6. Message in a napkin: I had loads of ideas for this party! Create serious, romantic or even comically cheesy messages on napkins. These napkins are simply printed with dispersed circle patterns. They are perfect for the party layout, or a great way to get your guests involved for an interactive table DIY.  

Keynotes: DIY Key with heart pillow boxes for treat boxes or party favours.
Constellation Party DIY Space Tablescape
Above: DIY Napkin Messages, Below: DIY (space printed) Napkin Envelopes.

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NASA themed party DIY
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What do you think of this space party theme? 

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