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For our New Year’s feast, we usually do a mezze style brunch. Even being away from family, I still like to keep that tradition, in addition to typically using leftovers from Christmas holiday, revamping them into pasties and other gourmet concoctions. Then, I’ll add them to new ingredients to start the year afresh, whilst not forgetting what one has been through. You cannot appreciate an abundance if you aren’t grateful for what you have, whether meagre or plentiful. 

This year, I made a twist of baba ganoush, lentil soup, lamb biryani, and homemade focacciaI had frozen the last leaves of kale from my garden and used that as well. I hope to harvest red cabbage this year because last year it wasn’t favourable for us, plus rabbits went crazy in the little garden bed and I had to make a raised bed for the other produce. 

Although I did take part in the seasonal merrymaking and shared bits of it on my IG Stories, I forget that many who may not be on the platform or on my feed my not have seen some things. 2019 started off rocky for me only because I had to spend that Christmas holiday attending a funeral for my late-grandmother, which was deeply devastating.  

The rest of the year was incredibly fruitful albeit busier than I expected. I’ve no complaints about that because I managed to learn loads of new things, got with a new agency, did more charity and activism work (something I have done since I was a teenager), made miniature gingerbread houses, and I started doing more commissioned styling work. 

Just a week ago, I picked up knitting again, something that my mum taught me ages ago that I certainly must have taken for granted because I am captivated by it this time around. I do hope to keep at it and share more progress on my Instagram and perhaps on the blog. 

I am acutely aware that I am a novice no doubt, however, so far, it has been much easier than I had anticipated. Some seasoned knitterhave told me that I probably pick it up quickly because of my design background and my determination. I find that when you are extremely set on doing something, even if you fail at first, tenacity and consistency are essential for success.  

I am already part of a knitting community (I know, bonkers!) and I have learnt much from this site, as well as this site.  
More knitting, some NYE party activities, DIY scripting for our mantle, and I made biscotti for neighbours, DIY: Festive planters/table accents, DIY: Cheese tray/nesting tray

Helpful people who don’t mind sharing information are the best! I have loved sharing tips, tutorials and recipes with others. Many of my DIYs have been on a lot of sites and recently a couple of lovely bloggers notified me of some they had seen. But I wish people would give credit when they have been inspired by them, especially when it’s not a traditional DIY. 

Speaking of DIYs, I am thinking of bringing back my ‘So Anthro’ series since you loved that one. Hopefully, if time permits …  

Now, to end this post on a happier note, thank you all for your thoughtful comments, reading my posts and being the beautiful followers that you are! Be kind to yourself in 2020 and let’s build a community that cheers on fellow creatives and their progress. You never know someone’s journey, you don’t know how hard they may have worked many years behind the scenes to get there.  

We all have one life, it would be a shame to waste time competing and comparing yourself to someone else’s journey when you could have been living, laughing, travelling and eating so very well. I mean, have you had fresh white truffles shaved generously over a bed of risotto? You haven’t lived until you have. Right, I’m only joking there, sort of. 

What is the latest happening in your life? How did you celebrate the start of 2020?  

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