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One thing that is essential aside from proper kitchen equipment and tools is a cook’s simplest accessory. No, I am not talking about a knife but rather the humble apron. I had the pleasure of testing out and using pieces by Clement Design®. 

Clement Design® is actually a premium French brand that produces a wide range of women’s and men’s chef apparel located in the south of France in Nice. This includes trousers, shoes, hats, kitchen jackets and aprons. Some of their design innovations include technology Patents of Dry-UP Fabric, modern colours and fit, and 'avant-gardist' design. 

French Chef Aprons

Clement not only supplies some of the world’s best chefs and first-rate hotels with their kitchen threads; the brand’s practical garb is suited specifically for the needs of the wearer. With that in mind, a focus on technology and innovation is at the core of the brand.  

As a baking foodie myself, I can see why the brand is loved by many who work in the kitchen — even a home chef, or caterer can appreciate the quality. I am looking forward to getting plenty of use out of these pieces, and I would recommend figuring out what style will meet your needs.  
Best French Aprons - Clement Design
Clement Design USA
The Safran apron is a French pastry chef's bib chocolatier and butcher apron. It's made with a durable thickness 30/100 of 370g, heat up to 100C/212F and comes with a harness system that averts weight on the neck area. The length is ideal, which is why I selected it (it’s 115cm long); it’s really great for working with confectionery or any fresh meat cuts. 

The Moka is a French chef's bib apron, this one is in an auburn-like colour, Paprika. I love that it has a pen pocket on the left side, and comes with an adjustable collar strap. There is also an option to customise your products — get your logo, name or title on your apron.  

Choose the styles that meet your needs; you may want either a bib style sans pockets or simply a waist apron with pockets. You can find Clement Design’s offerings worldwide, including Australia, Canada, Italy, Germany, the UK, and USA and more.  

Be sure to check out their monthly chef spotlights as well. 

What do you think of Clement Design? Have you heard of this brand? 

Best Aprons For Chefs The goods: Safran: Pastry/Butcher Black Apron, and Moka: Paprika Apron-Provided by Clement Design.  

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