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Hello lovelies! I’m back from a break, after working on a couple of work projects and a personal project. I will be taking some time off more than usual because of it, as both are taking me away from home and my normal schedule. For now, I am excited to share the posts that I’ve scheduled prior to my break. This includes several new wellness products that I tried at the start of the new year. 

Coriander Oil - Coriandrum sativum 

Here are some surprising things that you probably did not know about coriander and its oil. 
Since I had not used coriander oil, I was interested in the diverse uses, especially for soothing tired legs and feet. The oil itself is steam distilled and from the seed, it does not smell as one might think. It has a very clean, herbaceous scent that has slight sweet floral and an almost peppery-alpine note. Pungent but pleasant. 

Doterra Essential oils

Coriander's unique chemical makeup is similar to lavender, therefore relaxation and complexion clearing properties (due to the high content of linalool) are just a couple benefits of this herb. Studies have also shown that coriander is used for various medicinal purposes including helping reduce flatulence and bloating, nausea, stomach disorders, rheumatism, reducing cholesterol, joint pain and indigestion, amongst others. The healing herb has incredible phytonutrients, so it is not surprising that it is used in many ways from medical to household. Just as any plant medicine, using coriander as a herb whether dried, fresh, or in essential oil form can have different effects on the body.

Alternative Uses:  *Tip: Use a drop or two in your moisturiser at night, or I have also used it in my facial scrub, or cleanser.

Coriander Oil Benefits

dōTERRA a2z Chewable™ - 60 tablets 
Sometimes capsules are not the most ideal. That is why I wanted to try this chewable. a2Z tablets can be taken by children 4 years of age and older (2 tablets daily with meals), and by adults (up to 3 tablets daily) 

This daily chewable vitamin blends nourishing and essential nutrients of vitamins A, C and E, along with botanical extracts. It’s a supplement that has antioxidant protective properties, supports the immune system and cognitive function. Manufactured for growing children (or adults who aren't keen on swallowing capsules) the proprietary blend is free of the following: high fructose corn syrup, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours.  

The natural flavour of watermelon is refreshing and not overpowering, it's slight and blends nicely with the chewable, making it easy to digest. 
I really liked this vitamin and since it’s convenient as a chewable, you don’t have to worry about having water to take it with, which is perfect if you’re travelling or on the go. I would gladly use this again as one of my daily supplements.  

Other benefits include: provides essential micronutrients to support vitality and healthy cellular energy and longevity, superfood blend to support overall health and wellness, a bioavailable mineral mixture of calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese and copper. 

Lime Essential Oil Benefits 

Lime Oil - Citrus aurantifolia 
Lime is such a simple oil but just like lemon has so many wonderfully versatile things to love about it. This essential oil has citrus and sharpness to the scent, it's both tart and sweet. I love using lime in cooking, especially to finish a meal with added layers of flavour. 

Benefits and Uses: If you don't have lemon then use lime in your water, or diffuse the oil for a refreshing and uplifting mood boost. Its natural cleansing properties make it ideal for some beauty products, as the cosmetic industry often uses lime in facial cleansers, as well as in-home/kitchen cleaning products. I like making mint-limeade with crushed ice. 


AromaTouch® - Massage Blend 
In the first inhalation of this massage oil, you can definitely sense the mentholated effect, the smell is powerful and full of tension-releasing oils. Made with a blend of peppermint, basil, grapefruit oils, these are the immediate notes that you smell. Other oils include cypress, lavender and marjoram. 

Benefits and Uses: Try this oil on your body after an evening bath. I have actually been using AromaTouch® before I exercise, it seems to be an excellent muscle relief oil. I highly recommend this essential oil if you want a natural oil to help you relax or invigorate your body. It works wonders after an intense yoga flow as well. 

Have you tried any of these? Which one would you use?  

The goods:  Provided by dōTERRA, a FASHION TALES media blog partner*All content and opinions are honestly expressed and my own. 

Remember, essential oils are highly concentrated, and not to be internally, especially in high doses without proper research and an experienced herbalist, or consent from a physician. It is important to understand alternative methods and holistic healing elements are not for everyone but are natural ways of promoting health and wellness. 

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