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It is not spring yet and many of us are still experiencing midwinter weather, sort of. We’ve only triumphed over winter’s beginnings after the festive season and yet we are told to prepare fast for spring. I have really enjoyed my winter and as always, I do hope to gloriously welcome spring with open arms in the coming weeks but for now, let us see the beauty in the current season, shall we?  

Whether cold as ice or warm as toast, one thing that is certain is that teatime and coffee can be relished throughout the seasons, rain or shine.  

In the colder months food is hearty, but absolutely all about comfort nonetheless. For us, coffee and teatime are full-on comforting events, especially when entertaining. Come springtime, it will be no different. 
teatime flatlay
Mepra has some fantastic products that are suited for both, classic and modern design enthusiasts — gastronome forward. The proud host or hostess will easily delight in these for any season. 

There are many coffee pots and teapot styles to choose from, and it is important to note that there are selections and differences beyond traditional height and width. The stainless-steel coffee pot seen here is in the Palace style, an opulent shaped pot — its hotel meettraditional [elite] aesthetic makes for an exquisite presentation for entertaining.  

I did a mashup of a casual tea, and coffee (which is essentially called dessert in our house), then used the elegance of the Linea cutlery pieces to set the tone.  

Blueberry coffee cake, anyone? This one was still indulgent as a mince pie but not as heavy, the fluffiness alone would make you smile. It’s just as celebratory as a birthday cake but with frugality — if you’re a clever foodie, you would have already frozen those plump blueberries and other fresh fruits from the summer for times such as these. Tuck in, there’s heaps to adore further in this post! 

The stainless-steel Bombata teapot has unique design qualities, not least of which is its wide and sleek spout. The beauty of the miniature coffee pot and teapot here is that it’s small enough to use for yourself, and has the volume to accommodate guests. I also think individually these would be ideal for bed and breakfast trays, or a morning cuppa in the guest room. 

blueberry coffee cake
luxury spoons coffee pot
teatime flatlay

Bonus Gifts: For the Home 
Aside from entertaining, I know with weddings and anniversaries coming up for some it’s difficult to find the right gift. Alas, I have the perfect gift suggestions for any home! 

My favourite to start are the dessert forks; they are practical and designed with simplicity. These come in a variety of colours, including Ice Oro (matte gold). The matte gold shown here is absolutely beautiful, you may have caught a glimpse of the unboxings on Instagram.  

Coffee spoons like these from the Linea Rainbow collection are alluring to the eye but what the fuss really is about is the fact that the entire collection is family-friendly. The ease of maintenance whilst having a streamlined design is utter brilliance. If I had to select one, it might be these Linea pieces, so why not try a dose of colour in your cutlery? 

Tea pot
white plate gold forks

Both of the Linea flatware pieces come as a boxed set of six per style. View or shop the cutlery collection here. If you’re looking for inspiration on matte pieces view it here 

Shop the Inspiration

What do you think of these pieces? Which style would you choose? 

The goods: Teapot with base-Bombata, Coffee pot with base-Palace, Linea Rainbow spoons-Provided by Mepra, a FASHION TALES media blog partner. Shop the collection here, or shop here. Plates-West Elm, Sheffield China tea collection. *Some affiliate and/or sponsor links within this post. 
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