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  1. 1. Pirate’s Booty – (Fish shaped snacks) 

  1. 2. Map Scroll Takeaways (For guests) 

  1. 3. Bucko Phrases (Words of pirates)  


To finish my entertaining party series for autumn, one more themed celebration that I created was Halloween, however, my take on it of course varied slightly from the conventional. If you noticed with both of my themes, including this one, I decided to make it family-friendly since many of my friends have children – this [theme], too is adaptable to make it as adult-friendly or simplified as you so choose. 

DIY Halloween Captain hat

With this Halloween pirate theme, there are a vast amount of ways to take a concept like this; one could go entirely spooky, horror, fun, or a little bit in-between as I did. To be honest, I am not keen on horror so I opted for a fun and tad spooky direction, more on the former.  


Our voyage starts with an abundance of activities, some of which I’ve already prepared for you.  


I put together a pirate cupcake stand but used it as a ship centrepiece, then dramatically decorated the area with laces, fishnets, and white poly blended batting for cobwebs. I created the maps using wooden dowels and used gold leafing for the maps, which contributed favourably to the themed aesthetic for the pirate’s gold booty.  

Plastic cups with messages for Pirate party

Goldfish crackers in clear container


DIYs, Activities & Takeaways 

I used one of my old DIY gilded boxes that I made from cardboard for the treasure chest, then added home decor plates that are usually reserved for interior design samples. 

Create a pirate’s word bucket with old sayings and phrases — ‘Ahoy, Matey, and Avast Ye, or Chantey,’ and more — said during the thrillingly ancient days of pirates. With my DIY pirate word bucket, it was good fun to be able to pick words and phrases to add a little history to the theme, with hand-written messages on the back of each one. Add jute twine to a bucket or cup and place the paper message cards inside. 


Although, if you do need a clap of thunder, otherwise known as a strong libation of choice, I’d recommend chilled black tea with cardamom milk, or a shot of whiskey if that’s your preference. I cannot have you three sheets to the wind, because I’ll need you awake and on the lookout, ready to set sail. Make certain to take a map for reference and guidance to find the treasure. *Tip: These DIY scroll maps also work well as place settings, just personalise each one with the guest's name. 


We have provisions! It's snacks galore, although you’re likely to tuck into a few rounds of biscuits or fish tins, these DIY treats will help. 


I hope you enjoyed this theme, it’s always enchanting to take the imagination to new heights.  

Pirate party cupcake stand

What do you think of my pirate party?  

 Treasure Map for Pirate Party

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Skeleton in pirate outfit
pirate faux sword
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