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Making memories around the table has always been important for my family. Perhaps, even more importantly these days — to surround yourself with loved ones — are reasons to celebrate small wins, even if it’s simply being able to use your best dinnerware more frequently. 

The cutlery and cookware pieces from Mepra will surely allow you to adopt a more sophisticated style for entertaining.     

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Curry Vegetable Punjabi Curry

The Caccia cutlery set is a remarkable Italian made line; it’s intricate, yet there is a simplicity and a polished aesthetic for all to adore. The craftsmanship and methods used to create the laser engraving on this flatware are the exact skills used by ancient craftsmen. This style seen in this post is in gold, but if you’re leaning toward a more subtle colour, the Caccia design is also available in other finishes.

You might think of this opulent cookware to be too luxurious for daily use but that is not the case. The wonderful thing about this line is that these pieces are practical and very little alteration of proteins and vitamins are done during the cooking process, so you needn't worry. 

Although I do prefer to wash these by hand, these pieces are dishwasher-safe, which for a family, might prove to be more appealing than anything else; therefore, corrosion is avoided as well as staining and tarnishing.  

Caccia Mepra Cutlery

If you’ve been following my Instagram lately, you may have noticed the delicious curry concoction that I recently made. The warm spices are infectiously heady and will have your kitchen aerated in beautiful ingredients, from the Motherland to Southeast Asia.  

Curry, perhaps one of many dishes that I love — also, one of my favourite things to eat throughout the week alongside a good stir fry — albeit, it rather changes depending on the season, week, or even my mood.  

I used the casserole one-handled pot from the Attiva collection to create this West African and Punjabi-inspired meal of curry. It resonates with me quite a bit because I always travelled around in my childhood and my parents regularly entertained with so many culturally diverse guests within arm's reach. It was difficult not to be influenced in some way.  

Even though my feast is purely vegetarian, mostly of cauliflower and urad dal (black lentils), I do love cooking this flavourful blend with poultry or even seafood, be it chicken or red snapper. The other dishes that I served were Italian seafood pasta and homemade garlic naan bread.

gold cookware luxury

The gold casserole pot will surely stand out and make a statement no matter where you place it at your table or in your kitchen. Contrarily, with its minimalist design, it is quite easy to incorporate into any contemporary kitchen. You can use it for that recipe that you’ve been waiting to cook before the holidays. There’s plenty of time to prepare! 

Made with 18/10 stainless steel, with an aluminium inner, and induction steel outer, the Attiva casserole pot has an elegantly mirrored polished surface finish. The Benefits of even distribution of heat are ideal and honestly will save time and energy. The pans and pots in the collection, as I have mentioned in the past are also surprisingly practical as is the fine cutlery. 

What do you think of these Mepra pieces? Which style would you prefer?

Gold luxury cookware

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