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Hiya lovelies! I just wanted to wish you all a joyous and very happy Christmas and a wonderful holiday season. 

Earlier this year Saal-Digital gave out vouchers of €100+ and then again, this past summer. I first saw it on Instagram. Saal-Digital produces photo products, including books, cards, prints, and various decor accessories.   

I was able to use the voucher that they gave me to create photo books from their premium line, the Professional Line or Professional XT.  

I had already decided in May that I wanted to create a few new photography books, but time had gotten away from me. This was not actually a negative thing, in fact, it allowed me to contemplate a bit more about which type of books I really wanted, wider versions vs. tablet size versions, etc.  

Recently, I have been producing postcards and marketing material with images to send out which have been fine, but a few months ago a client asked me if I had a quick portfolio book. I had this one, and few others since, however, ultimately the lay-flat style is why I decided to create a newer one.  

photo books saal-digital

photo books create your own


Things to Note:  

Choose the correct software, depending on your region, or ultimately where youre going to send the photo book. Immediately after I opened the parcel, I removed the clear film. Be careful to try to find the film because for my first book I had trouble ...  I’ve no long nails on my manicure! It's pretty easy to find around the corner, otherwise.   

Perhaps you want to create a photo book of your children, or if you have had your work featured in magazines, you might want to have a keepsake, or if you have professional work that you have done, you might want to show it off in a beautiful photo book. A wedding photographer friend did just that, she just created a large photo book for her portfolio with the “X-Thick” (XT) page option.  

The only minor thing that I didn’t like (and I am really being overly critical here) is the joining of the acrylic cover to the leather binding. Aesthetically it looks phenomenal, however, where the acrylic meets the leather, due to the weight of the acrylic, I feel as if you need to be extremely careful because of how delicate it is. 

I tested it and it's sturdy but for that reason, I did decide on one book (landscape format) for myself as a coffee table book (with glossy pages) and opted for another book (portrait format) that is an actual portfolio of some of my commercial client work, which has matte pages, and an all-leather cover because it is being handled quite a lot. 

Photo books


As a reference, if you presume that a lot of people will be handling your photo book, you may want to err on the side of caution when choosing the cover design. Think about the purpose of your book. Will the book only reside on a coffee table, readily available for others to peruse, or will it be on a shelf most of the time?  


You might need smudge-proof pages (reducing fingerprints), or you may choose glossy pages instead of matte. Choose the leather cover option for a neutral and practical option. With that being said, on the contrary, the acrylic option is absolutely beautiful and modernises the photo book itself.  

Overall, I am very happy with my photo books. 

Photo book Saal Digital

The goods: This post is not sponsored nor was it required to create in exchange for the photo book. Vouchers sent via Saal Digital. All opinions are honestly expressed and are my own.