Wellness Week + BOGO Deals!


Welcome to wellness week! It’s been quite a while but I am excited to share with you a few things …


Firstly, I had what feels like my first big win this year, last week and booked an amazing commercial shoot (not blog related but still so excited about it), secondly, we sold a property quickly and with ease despite the pandemic, and lastly, some of my favourite essential oils, including rosemary and a newly launched collection that’s surprisingly filled with rare herbs and gum resin oil varieties are both worth noting and must-haves for health and beauty — sustainably sourced. I am also working on a beauty and wellness DIY for you.  

I had the pleasure of using the ancient oil collection for some time and really adore this box collection. Presented in a wooden box, it comes with a slider closure with filigree styling. 

One that I had not used before in the set was Galbanum and nearly have only heard it from mere biblical references (as holy incense in the Tabernacle). You can view more about the box collection here. I will share a more in-depth post about this oil collection soon. 


There’s a huge BOGO sale from dōTERRA. All week, starting today, you can grab a set of essentials with an extra bonus. Each day of this week starting today through Saturday, there will be immunity supporting oils and wellness deals for healthier living. On offer are a collection of essential oils each day, or you can buy the special BOGO box at a discounted price. 

The BOGO Box is available to purchase all this week, and you get all of the oils for all the featured days (this week) in one box plus a rosemary oil! The box includes Blue Tansy, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Roman Chamomile, Tangerine, Spearmint, Breathe, Citrus Bloom, Balance, Peace, Beautiful. See a sneak peek below at some of the exclusive deal days for tomorrow and Wednesday. 

I will be sharing other deals for the rest of the week on my IG Stories. These BOGO deals only happen a few times a year! 

*Tuesday, 23 March: Buy Breathe 15ml, Get Eucalyptus 15ml free!  

*Wednesday, 24 March: Buy Blue Tansy 5ml, Get Lavender 15ml free! 

Here’s what to expect in the BOGO Box of goodies: 



Click here to learn more and buy the BOGO box. 


Which essential oil above do you need? Which ones would you like to try? 


The goods: Essential oils- c/o dōTERRA, a FASHION TALES media blog partner. As always all content and opinions are expressed honestly and are my own. These are suggested benefits for essential oils and herbs. If pregnant, please consult your physician before using holistic remedies.

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