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Entertaining isn’t quite as it used to be, but with things slowly changing, we’ll get there! The heart of many homes — especially now more than ever — is the kitchen. Taking time to dine together and creating memories to savour is so important.   

Hand pulling pizza with cheese on cutting board
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J.K. Adams, a North American kitchen and home brand was founded in 1944, in Dorset, Vermont. The company stands behind its products 100% with customer satisfaction. I wanted to shine the light on one of their wooden boards, a lazy Susan-style board with a driftwood teak oil finish. It has a beautiful aesthetic that grows on you the more that you look at it. Initially, I thought the mixed grain pieces would be distracting, but the vertical cut wood strips rather enhance the board entirely, instead of distracting. 

Daiya pizza Plant-based Pizza on cutting board

This was a different meal in that I decided to keep it simple and do something that I never do, bake frozen (plant-based) pizzas. Even after a long workday, making your supper a little special can be done easily. I put everything out on a board, then added a few extra toppings and garnishes: fresh basil, sliced shitakes, and a piquant chilli sauce. 

This Ash Driftwood Lazy Susan board offers a great alternative to cutting boards, it's essentially a lovely board for presenting your favourite foods with the benefits of a rotating board. It’s larger than you’d think and makes an incredible addition to a kitchen island or large tabletop.  


Classic French 

Duralex is a world-renowned French glassware brand, producing products from home kitchenware to barware.  The nonporous Duralex glass is hygienic and does not absorb liquid. It’s still made in heart of France in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin, since 1945, when they invented the glass tempering process. 

I am quite surprised that it has taken me this long to get short clear tumblers. I had been wanting this style of clear glasses for a while, and only recently decided that I could get much use from them. Even aside from other cocktails or Manhattan drinks, there are plenty of ways to use these beautiful glasses. 

Duralex whiskey glasses

Well-known since the 1800s, these aptly named “Manhattan” clear tumblers are such a classic style of glassware and good fun to shoot. The vintage-style glassware is tempered for long-standing wear and has elevated mechanical and thermal resisting elements than ordinary glassware.  

Benefits of tempered glassware include the following: being shock resistant, created to hold up to extreme temperatures (for hot or cold liquids), its versatility and durability as well as impact and chip resistance, being more than twice stronger than ordinary glass. This style comes in low-ball and high-ball sizes. 


You can catch some extra shots and videos of this in my Stories and IG Reels later on. 


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What do you think of these pieces? Which item would you use in your home? 


pizza on cutting board with Languiole knife

The Goods: Ash Driftwood Lazy Susan Serving Board-c/o JK. Adams-(Buy Similar), Manhattan Clear Tumblers Set-Provided by Duralex, Steak Knife-Laguiole en Aubrac. (Buy SimilarAll content and opinions are my own and  honestly expressed.

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