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There are many types of cookware that make me think of my family, ancestral roots, and childhood memories; from stoneware to teapots. Tagine, originally a Berber dish, is just another one of those special cooking vessels; its ancient use has evolved and proven to be quite a favourite with traditional preparations still enjoyed in North Africa and in the Middle East. 

Chicken in tagine with smoke

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Emile Henry has a lovely modern collection of ceramic tagines, with colours of the following: vert, rust, figue, burgundy, charcoal, and slate. Their oven bakeware has been made in Marcigny, France since 1850 from Burgundy clay, natural clay that is premier for conducting heat, as well as heat retention.  

The family-owned company’s speciality is producing fine ceramic cookware, and after you use their pieces, you will understand why — your dish will make a difference not just in your flavourful cooking but in the durable vessel it’s cooked in. My freshly baked French bread still always comes out perfect every time! Unlike some other brands, these pieces are quite affordable and won’t set you back a small fortune; with easy clean-up ability, and entirely non-toxic, it’s an investment that will go far, especially for a family or any couple that cooks a lot. 

green tagine with chicken and black garlic


Smelling certain spices and herbs always brings me back to fond memories and special moments of watching my grandmother and my mother cook in the kitchen. I generally love to make a tagine-style meal with lamb but this time I used chicken; any poultry or fowl will do, otherwise simply use hearty vegetables.  

I made my chicken tagine recipe with black garlic and decided to use some homemade preserved limes that I made a couple months ago. I have always eaten this with an herbed couscous (a North African tiny pasta) but it can easily be served with a starchier substitute like barley or rice. This tagine is in the colour vert from the Flame Ceramic® line, it has a beautiful deep glaze and cooks evenly. 

You can peruse the Emile Henry collection; if you're interested in bread baking, I especially like the bread cloche. 


What do you think of Emile Henry?  


chicken and olives

Moroccan tagine in green

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