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Making time for “self-care” moments can be tough — we all need a reprieve from time to time and that includes taking care of our skin. Even this year, as we have been spending more time at home, keeping up with a healthy skincare routine is important. 

ELEMIS is such a classic luxury British brand that I’ve been using for years. In this post, I used the Pro-collagen Marine Cream, w/ SPF 30 which I liked a lot. It was a tad bit fragrant for me, but the formula worked amazingly for my skin.  

If you're not familiar with ELEMIS Spa in London or their products, the brand produces skincare products that merge science and technology, resulting in clinically proven results to make the skin look and feel good. 

My skin has definitely needed some extra relief lately; many long nights and tiring days with work have left me with different sleeping patterns. However, I've been able to always sneak in good wellness routines, in addition to one or two luxe beauty items for my skin. 

These ELEMIS products below are essentially, wellness for the skin. 



The skin-smoothing facial pads are formulated with lactic acid and probiotic ferment complex, clinically proven to speed the skin's natural cell turnover in 28 days. These Skin Smoothing Pads are patented via Tri-Enzyme Technology. *Claims: these dual-action exfoliating pads reveal baby-smooth skin in one swipe. 

I found these to be gentle enough, as I have sensitive skin and had no adverse reaction and only use it three times a week. 60 pads came in the container. My experience was a favourable one and the pads exfoliated my skin well. This is something that I will definitely purchase in the future. 


Active ingredients include, ELEMIS' patented Tri-Enzyme Technology aiding in the breakup of dead cell layers on the skin, without disrupting its delicate moisture barrier, Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) to improve skin texture, and Probiotic Ferment Complex to support the skin renewal process, and promote brighter, and more radiant skin.  



This was my first time using their cleansing balm. It works as a unique skin softener and makeup-removing cleanser that takes away skin pollutants whilst making your skin glow, and feel smooth. I typically use a foaming cleanser and didn't mind this cleansing balm at all. It feels beautiful on the skin. 

Active ingredients are Elderberry, an amazing fruit, and antioxidant with a high number of fatty acids and micronutrients to healthy lasting skin., Starflower oil promotes healthy skin and skin metabolism; it's one of the richest known natural sources of Gamma-Linolenic Acid, and Padina PavonicaMediterranean brown algae that support feelings of hydration on the skin. 


Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask: 

This Anti-Wrinkle Multi-Use Eye Mask is the only one that I have not used extensively. I am eager to finish it up since I've heard so much about it. The brand claims the mask minimises wrinkles and targets the look of dark circles and puffy eyes. This is a 3-in-1 gel form and the scent if any is clean and subtle; to apply overnight or as an undereye primer.  

It is formulated with advanced Flash Filler Hyaluronic Acid, Watermelon Snow Algae (fights wrinkles), and Bush Clover (antioxidant) that hydrates and reduces effects of strain and tension around the contour of the eye. So far, I do like it and it’s easy to use, it glides on cool and does hydrate my skin. [Buy it] 

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Superfood Facial Oil:  

In my opinion, this facial oil serum is gold; I don’t even understand anyone who wouldn’t like it. Don’t believe any reviews saying that it smells like broccoli, it does NOT! It is amazing. This facial oil is really lovely, it is herbaceous, nutty, and has a slightly sweet and camphoraceous gender-neutral scent. It works beautifully on my skin and I use it both morning and evening. I use about three drops each time. Buy it here: Superfood Facial Oil (UK), Buy it here: Superfood Facial Oil (US) 


This is a nourishing facial oil, rich with 9 antioxidant Superfoods for a healthy glow.  It comes with a dropper applicator. As it rubs in the skin your skin will soak this concentrated oil up easily.  Key ingredients include broccoli, rosehip, macadamia oil, flaxseed, and daikon radish. 


The absolute favourites that I keep going back to are the cleansing balm, facial oil, and resurfacing facial pads, the two latter which I feel are evergreen products for my skin, were incredible!  


Which Elemis product(s) would you try? 



The goods: Special thanks to ELEMIS for sponsoring this post, a FASHION TALES blog partner. Shop the best of the 2021 collection here, or here. *View the full ingredients list here. Products-Provided via ELEMIS. As always, all content and opinions are honestly expressed and my own.  

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