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I hope your summer has been well spent with family time, soaking up the sun, and savouring good food and precious moments with your loved ones. I am back with a special feature today. Here’s to bringing you inspiration for the transition in seasons and the festive season ahead. 

There has never been a more important time to create memories …  

In my childhood, the kitchen was always such a memorable place no matter where we moved. For any cooking devotee, whether a home cook or chef, with each style of kitchen, comes a much-needed area for prepping — the necessary space for cutting, slicing, and dicing, amongst other things. For these modern times, an island or workstation is ideal. 

maple wood cutting board with apron on top
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This "C" Maple Classic Country Work Table by John Boos & Cohas all of the elements of modernity and classic design. This beautiful table is a work table, however, its multi-use properties will allow you to have versatility for years. I had the pleasure to have this table set up and use in various ways, including kitchen prep, photo shooting cocktails, and studio work. 

How to use this table is really up to you. actually enjoy using this for studio work, and having the option for strictly test kitchen use is an added bonus. Perhaps, you are still working remotely from home and need a new table that also has storage! 



Tips and Options Before Investing: 

Make a plan for space and optimum functionalityThink about where you could use this table in your home —is it for kitchen use, outdoor patio area, or your workspace. Our kitchen is a frequented and highly trafficked place, not just for preparing foods, but especially when we are entertaining, albeit even with us not entertaining as much as we’re used to. 

If you have the space but want space-saving convenience, then casters might be an option for you to explore.  

If you’re wondering what to do if you don’t want the island always set in one place, the option to have casters is the smartest way to take advantage of the versatility of this table. I prefer casters for this reason alone! 


AdditionaBenefits and Features: 

This table comes with a thick hard maple edge-grain top (board), one functional sliding drawer, and a slatted lower shelf. Other offerings for painted wood colour options are red, white, basil green (as seen here) and six other colour choices. You may also get this table with an additional shelf (as I did here), or with wicker baskets. 

Don’t forget, to maintain the quality and lustre of this beautiful maple board, you can use the NSF listed Boos Block Mystery Oil, and Board Cream. I will be sharing more foodie and entertaining features on this board soon.   



What do you think of this John Boos & Co. work table?  What would you use this table for?  


Wood cutting board on green table

The goodsThis is the "C" Maple Classic Country Work Table-Provided by John Boos & Co., a FASHION TALES media blog sponsor partner. Order your custom work table, and shop John Boos hereor other maple boards hereGet inspired by other kitchen items here. 

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