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No matter what task you have to do, it’s always best to do it with the right tools. This is especially essential when it comes to culinary devotees or sport enthusiasts.  

My appreciation for good quality knives does not end in the kitchen — I have been happily foraging and furthering our growing abundance of mushrooms this year. Last year, you may remember, we started growing oyster mushrooms, and I began to extend my knowledge in foraging other varieties of mushrooms for herbalism, but this year, I wanted to start growing a few more, including shiitake mushrooms.  

There are two knives, in particular, that can definitely help you when it comes to cutting mushrooms. I used Maserin's mushroom knife in beech wood and walnut from the 806 series. These beautiful knives are high-quality and well-made; continuing the tradition of using modern technology and methods of laser cutting, 3D design. 

In general, the science of fungi is something that I have always been into, I decided to take a few more mycology classes and workshops this year and created substrates for my new project ahead. You can see more details on my Instagram feed and ‘Wellness’ Highlights. 

Designed by Coltellerie Maserin, the mushroom knives 800 line is made with a 420 stainless steel blade (75mm) and comes in beechwood, horn, olive tree, and walnut.  


The Maserin manufacturing company started just over 60 years ago, is a family-run business with a wide range of products including high-tech, sport-utility, hunting, military knives, and miniatures, all dedicated to efficiency and using high-quality materials.  


The knife designs are sleek, stylish, and functional. The design is also quite practical and versatile with the addition of the carabiner, and its foldable style. Both styles are perfect for my mushroom foraging and helpful with my little mushroom growing colonies that we have grown.  


What do you think of Maserin’s pieces? Have you used any of their knives? 



The goods: Mushroom knives-800 and 806 series in beechwood and walnut-Courtesy of Maserin. Shop the collection and other Maserin products here.