An Entertaining Refresh + [GIVEAWAY]



After the festive season, it can be tough to figure out what to make if you’ve already been entertaining weeks or months in. Instead of getting away from the whole charcuterie style of things, just embrace it however you prefer!

The best way to do this is to use what you have on-hand but in a different way. Look for fresh and dried fruits, welcome the bitter, salty, soft, hard, and even candied pairings, or fermented bites (which are typically overlooked on food boards). 

For smaller feasts, this John Boos board is a lovely companion to any epicurean display. I am showcasing the Reversible Board seen here in cherry wood. It’s a sleek and easy-to-use board that’s of good quality and designed for high function.  

The board length was ideal for my “A Toast to Fine Art” theme. But, for this board, in particular, it’s all about the thickness (1.5 in./just under 4 cm) and weight. It's an edge-grain constructed board with hand grips for easy carrying and picking up. 


A Casual & Modern Take 

Post-holiday celebration meals and midwinter entertaining require a re-set of sorts. A rather refreshing table spread for all to savour, really — this one comes with diverse flavours and textures covered from every corner of the board. Even amidst the chill outdoors, this gourmet arrangement is enough to warm you up, if not solely by the kick of sweet heat along my medley of mixed nuts and spiced meat options. 

Rest assured, my table feast here is filled with simple but effective epicurean treasures, a variety of the sweet and savoury, but far heavier on the latter, including a delicious tray of confit vegetables, briny fruits, and grilled veg seeped in luscious oils. It was a tasty snack display, a comforting graze board for easy game nights, or any occasion! 


With that being said, get excited! I’m happy to host a lovely giveaway sponsored by John Boos & Co. for my readers and fellow gastronomes. It runs from 17 Jan. - 24 Jan. There will be two winners chosen, each winning one beautiful cherry wood cutting board. Enter the giveaway here! *Details here. 



What’s on the menu? What would you use this board for? 

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