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Beautiful ceramics that are handmade are always a special treat. Although often delicate, they are a food photographer’s and food stylist’s dream. This is because props are always needed whether they are minimal or in abundance. I can tell you first-hand that I have special storage just for my props and a separate area for handmade pieces. 

Jars Céramistes, a fine ceramicware brand makes beautiful dinnerware and stoneware. The pieces are elegant, organic, and very unique, all crafted in France.  

The pieces I am featuring here are from the Dashi collection and the Wabi collection. The latter was inspired by an ephemeral sense of beauty, the Japanese aesthetic and philosophy (wabi-sabi) that there is beauty found in things imperfect, simple, or unbalanced. This is present in the collection of irregular pieces that are a testament of that concept. 


The green oval platter comes in a soft glaze colour with a simplified organic shape. The dashi bowl is also a great piece and can hold more than your favourite dashi. It's a deep bowl with versatile usage options. 

peas snap peas greens on plate
Ceramic platter with lamb chops
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I chose the bowl in the same colour, as it’s part of the Dashi collection, which includes a beautiful range of unique bowls — it's a marriage of irregular matter and ash enamels. Use them for broths, rice, or ramen. I used them for entertaining and made delicious herb-roasted lamb chops in a pomegranate sauce, served with spring onions and basmati rice with a mint-coriander yoghurt.

You can select from the simpler colour ways (as I have) to more bold designs in colour, so there really is a piece for any type of lifestyle. Jars' pieces are timeless and there's a reason why it takes so much time to create handmade pieces of art like these.

The brand is dedicated to the importance of sustainability and responsibility, as well as the meticulous processes from concept to the vitrified state (high-firing at 2850°F/1565°C) and the finished stoneware. That's why Jars holds the standard of The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) State label, a notable symbol of the premier know-how in tradition and excellence of the French State was put in place. This includes trade secrets and methods learned from generation to generation. 


Lamb Chops on green platter

If you want to see more from the Jars brand, view this full collection here. I love that each piece is unique in its own right. Of course, because the ceramic pieces are handmade, they’re most certainly going to be slightly different by each piece but that’s what makes it so marvellous! 

Sadly, this platter is sold out in the gorgeous green colour that I have here, but there are loads of other hues and options from the wabi line worthy of viewing. In fact, have a look at the Tourron collection, there’s chock-full of pallet colours to mix and create your own essential dinnerware pieces at your table. 

Visit their website to discover dinnerware pieces from their other collections.  

 French ceramic bowl with rice

What do you think of Jars ceramics?

Basmati Rice in Dashi bowl

Lamb chops on green ceramic plate

The goods: Wabi Oval Dish Platter in Green-From the Wabi Collection, and Dashi Bowl-From the Dashi Collection-Provided by Jars. Shop the inspiration here. Shop the Jars collection here. Some sponsor and affiliate links are within this post. All content and opinions are honestly written and are my own. View privacy policy.  

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Bok choy on platter
Which Jars pieces would you use the most?  

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