Emile Henry Summer Evenings [Fish Bake]


I hope that your summer has been amazing so far! With the wonderful season of grilling upon us, I usually have an annual summer entertaining feast. This time, we opted for a different take on the grill — I had an abundance of fresh salmon, so cooking the whole fish was on the menu.  

I love grilling or baking a whole fish, and it’s something that often reminds me of growing up when my parents would have their summer parties with roasts, fire pits, and proper fish grilling. The weather was not the best so I decided to use my new fish steamer. 

red ceramic dish with slamon fish

In partnership with our friends at

In collaboration with Emile Henry, I am featuring their ceramic fish steamer. This oval-covered baker is an amazing vessel but first, I want to let you know how versatile it is; use this to cook and bake in the oven or on a grill top.

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Emile Henry's oven ceramic is made for everyday use, using an exclusive process to produce strong and durable ceramic bakeware and tableware. Some of the special benefits include the ceramic pieces being mechanical shock resistant, colour fading resistance, as well as resistance against temperature changes.  

When you’re cooking the ceramic can be taken directly from the freezer to the hot oven (+250°C/500°F). Even using the most aggressive detergents and fading colours, the glazes are resistant. 

red fish baker by Emile Henry

I would recommend this ceramic baker and fish steamer, especially because it can be both of great use for families, a single person entertaining a couple that loves to cook. This style comes in burgundy (as seen here), and in black.  

As many of you may know by now, I am definitely a fan of [Emile Henry’s] gorgeous cookware, it's not only functional but has a long-lasting quality due to the traditional French craftsmanship. This will be a much-loved piece of cookware if you love baking fish and even cooking vegetables in the oven, as it cooks evenly and steams perfectly enough to have flaky fish every time. 

You can view the Oval-covered fish steamer/baker here. Shop Emile Henry cookware and other products. (Shop HereGet the full recipe here!

Emile henry Fish Steamer in red


What do you think of this oval ceramic baker? 


The goods: Ceramic fish steamer/baker-Provided by Emile Henry. View the collection here.  

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