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Hooray for grilling season! It's officially summer, at least in our household, and you know it's quite exciting because there's nothing better than dining al fresco right in the comfort of your own backyard.  

We started off the pre-summer festive season with an indoor-outdoor family-style gathering. Shockingly, nothing too extravagant this time but bountiful gourmet options for all to delight in. I took a casual approach withno acts of regality needed at the table when saucy sticky-fingered foods are involved—blends of rustic elements to the casual setting. 

There's a special moment that happens when a cook, whether it be a celebrity chef or a seasoned home cook uses a John Boos board. I certainly had several moments recently when I used a couple of their boards for prep and presentation at our summery outing (walnut and maple wood chopping blocks).  

I wanted to do a savoury theme; nothing too heavy, just bites of smoked salmon, sesame & tamari baked tofu, and freshly baked sourdough baguettes. I was also finally able to use some of our own garden veggies to add to my board: fresh herbs, peppers, and tomatoes. 

This thick walnut chopping block is ideal because it's reversible. I also love that it's somewhat compact in comparison to most of the other boards that I use. The larger chopping block is absolutely stunning up-close and quite versatile as well as durable. It's made of maple wood and comes with stainless steel handles. I've used it for specific chopping and entertaining! 

A Lesson On Care: 
Just like my favourite cast-iron pans, proper care goes a long way when it comes to wood blocks and wood cutting boards. Many people fail to wash their boards properly. I use a drop or two of lemon oil when cleaning my board if potent ingredients like garlic or onions are cut. Never put the wood boards in the dishwasher. Use hot water lathered with soap, (I add vinegar to disinfect), then clean with a paper towel, or air drying is even better if you have time. 

Afterwards, apply an even coat of the NSF certified Mystery Oil easily with a microfibre cloth or paper towel; it deeply penetrates through the wood fibres to protect and hydrate the wood. The Board Cream is made from unbleached beeswax, and oil. Both are natural and food-grade to protect the wood and surface and improve the longevity of the board.  

The Difference in the Details: 
Nature lovers, come in close for this … 
In the BOOS® 1887 collection, Rustic Edge Design, each board is kiln-dried, with rustic edges and slight variations that the age-rings can be counted. Boards like the energy efficient maple cutting board would be great for daily use, with 25% Less Carbon Footprint & Utilises 25% Less Material Waste. 

Style vs. Function: 
Fortunately, when it comes to style and function, John Boos & Co. has got you covered, from commercial to residential needs. And, being a person who uses a lot of boards, it's important to have variety.

However, you really need to think about the following questions before choosing the right style of a board: 
  • What are your actual usage needs?
  • Are you going to use the board every day? 
  • Do you need a reversible board? 
  • How much space do you have in your kitchen or larder storage?  

You should also think about style features as well as functional elements when selecting a cutting board or butcher block. You may need a butcher block for meat cutting, carving or a block with sloped (inverted) juice grooves.  

I prefer to have several boards and blocks, and since I do cook a lot and entertain they all have features that suit my lifestyle. Raw meat and veggie boards are separated from each other as well as prep and presentation-only boards to avert cross-contamination. Although, studies have shown that maple cutting boards retard bacteria growth. Whichever board you choose, I can definitely recommend these Boos Blocks ® above.  

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Above: Sticky-Tamarind chargrilled lime chicken, below: Baked tofu with tamari & garlic sesame.

What do you think of these beautiful butcher blocks?   

The goodsWalnut 3" Thick Chopping Block -Reversible #WAL-CCB121203, and Maple Chopping Block w/Handles #CCB183-R-H - Provided by John Boos & Co., a FASHION TALES culinary partner. All content and opinions are honestly expressed and my own. Shop more boards and Boos blocks here. This post contains some affiliate-sponsor links.

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Everyday Style With Beija Flor

There's nothing that love more than interior décor … well, perhaps food and travel, but if you've been following this site for years, then you are well aware of my passion for homeware 

Since fixing up our home, details have been incremental and progressive in terms of little tasks; therefore, a halt in the process has begun due to timing schedules. With that being said, there are still ways to maintain bits of style in everyday living.  

One way to do so is by setting the table. My tables are generally always set in some way, and in the formal dining area, I like to have a casual setup if I am not entertaining. To me, styling the table casually doesn't mean that I compromise on colour or wholly on aesthetic.  

Beija Flor was instrumental in helping me with a couple of small décor changes whilst other home production happenings occurMaya Kunyevskythe founder and designer of Beija Flor created the company nearly over a decade ago, which developed into the lifestyle brand that it is today. The designs are a testament to the brand's success; there's also a comprehensive range of global culture that is expressed in each collection. 

There are many reasons to fall in love with their piecesI've been an adherent of the brand for years; they produce timeless pieces that are modern and functional without compromising on quality or innovation.  

From ornate wall tiling to raw flooring, the offerings are quite diverse and includes a range of African, Nordic, and even marble inspired designsThese beautiful pieces came straight from Northern Israel, where the brand (is headquartered and) has a studio in an eco-village.  

This floor mat is one of my favourites. When selecting which style and colour, I went for black and white because the mat is striking by the design motif alone. I also knew that I would want the mat for multiple uses until areas of the home were finalised, be it in the kitchen, in the foyer or in my art studio. 


My version of entertaining wouldn't be the same without adding a little playfulness and elegance to the table. These charming blue and white placemats are quite unique and also carry the lustrous aesthetic yet still suitable for daily dining.  

One of the best elements of both of these printed pieces is the fact that they are household friendly. The tile printed floor mat, as well as the cross-stitch family placemat has an easy clean-up feature with the vinyl material. The vinyl sheets are wonderful and essentially great if you have children or if something spills. Simply wipe away with a paper cloth or floor sweeper for cleaning. 

What do you think of these Beija Flor pieces?

The goodsSo4-Modern Floor Mat in black and white, and Cross Stitch Placemats-Provided by Beija Flor, a FASHION TALES partner. All content and opinions are honestly expressed and my own. 

*Can you believe these beautiful flowers were almost two weeks old? If you're wondering what I do with some of my old blooms, I dried them out. Visit this page here for a great DIY.

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