A Guide To Style For Glam Novices

If you’re like many people, parties are enough to fill you with dread. No matter how confident you are in your fashion choices at work or at home, parties are where you always seem to come unstuck. What are you supposed to wear if you’re not a glitzy dress kinda girl?

Not to worry: there are many options available to you. You don't have to wear a short skirt or another pair of denim. Don't fret! Here are some of the things you can do to wow at a party, even if you’re not the type who likes dressing up.

Forget Short Skirts - Let Your Jacket Do The Talking
You might think that Hannah Almassi, the director of the of the biggest fashion sites in the world, might know a thing or two about how to dress for a party. But all her life she’s struggled to find the Holy Grail of party wear and has come to some surprising conclusions. She might not wear the sparkliest or the skimpiest clothes in the world, but she does like to go over the top whenever possible, especially when it comes to her jackets. As a result, she keeps a phalanx of statement jackets in her closet, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Not All Little Black Dresses Are The Same

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No doubt you’ll have friends who argue that you can never go wrong with a little black dress. But if you’re not the kind of girl who likes to flaunt it, many LBDs are out of the running. Kate Stephens, a stylist to the stars, says that there’s no reason little black dresses can’t be fun and a little different at the same time. Her preference is a dress with a tulle at the top that’s perfect for spinning on the dance floor and an ankle length material at the bottom to keep her covered up.

Embrace Knitwear
You might think that wearing knitwear to a party would be a bit of a faux-pas. However, when done properly, it can really work. The thing you want to avoid with knitwear is texture overload according to Amy Lawrenson, an editor at a style magazine. She says that you can get around this by pairing knitwear with neutral colours like grey, nude and black. If you do this, then you’ll avoid looking like you’ve turned up to the party as your dad in his favourite Christmas sweater.

You Can Wear A Day Dress
What’s the difference between day dresses and party dresses? Not much if you ask many experts, except for the fact that evening dresses tend to be a lot more expensive. Day dresses can be remarkably affordable, especially when paired with a money off Tilly's coupon. According to Lawrenson, you can make just as much of a statement arriving at a party wearing a floral, billowing number as you can a regular formal evening dress.

To transform a day dress into an evening gown, pair it with some red lipstick and high-heeled boots, and you’re ready to go.

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