3 DIYs For Spring Entertaining

1. Pom Pom Bunny Drawstring Bags
Printed canvas drawstring bags
Pom poms, small or large
glue stick

1.     Use a glue stick to adhere one pom pom on the canvas bag. 
2.     Let is dry for at least 30 minutes.
*Note: If you don’t have printed bags, you can ink-stamp your drawstring bags. Use these bags for cutlery at your place settings.

2. Decorative (Wooden) Egg Name Cards

Unfinished wooden eggs
Paint pens, in 2 to 4 different colours
White chalkboard paint pen
Black chalkboard paint pen
Place cardholders

1.     On a flat working surface and ventilated area, use the black chalkboard paint pen to paint half of each of the wooden eggs, in your own design. *You can paint each egg at a diagonal or simply in half but make certain to leave room on either the top or bottom so that a new colour can be painted on the wood. Set aside to dry completely.
2.     Add a new paint colour on the unfinished part of each wooden egg. Use a new colour for additional details, and patterns that you prefer. Let it dry completely.
3.     Carefully insert each wooden egg into a place card holder, one by one.

3. Magnetic Chalkboard Signage

Unfinished wooden slats 
Adhesive alphabet letters
Magnets (optional)
Black chalkboard paint pen
Hot glue gun with glue sticks, or use a heavy duty glue stick
4.     On a flat working surface and well-ventilated area, use the chalkboard paint pen to paint the entire piece of each wooden slat. Set aside to dry completely.
5.     Apply adhesive letters in quotes or words of your choice. I chose to use this DIY for my wooden box of table styling notions, and also for spring entertaining to read, ‘Spring’ and ‘Easter Menu’. 
6.     Use a hot glue gun to adhere one magnet on each finished slat. Let it dry completely.

*Use these for home décor signs for storage or on the refrigerator.