Cooking for a Date? Here's a Guide to Success

Cooking for someone is an incredible way of impressing them - so cooking for a date is a great idea! Here are some tips.

Getting To Know Your Date
There are several things you should probably know about your date before you cook a meal for them. Perhaps the most obvious things you should know related to their dietary preferences and needs. If you’ve invited them round and have told them you’re going to cook for them, then there’s no doubt that they’ll mention some important things - for example, a vegan will probably alert you to the fact that they’re vegan so you don’t end up cooking authentic spaghetti carbonara! But there may be allergies and particular food hates that they may not mention, so be sure to get that info out of them.

If you don’t know what to cook, then going out for a meal first, or giving their online profile another check, or even checking horoscope info at a website like might give you a few hints and ideas! Asking them about their favourite restaurants may clue you in on what sort of food they like.

You want to make sure that the meal you’re preparing is really going to wow your date. This means that you need to make a habit of prepping. If you’ve never cooked the recipe in question before, or if it’s been a long time, then practising can be the best way of ensuring that things don’t go wrong. You want to be confident and swift about this - especially if your date is going to be there as you’re cooking! Of course, you could pre-prepare the meal - as long as you can convince them that it really was your work!

If you want to make sure your cooking skills are up to scratch, then you might want to consider a resource like to ensure that you have a bunch of general skills and knowledge. In any case, it’s best if you keep things as simple as possible with your meal choice to reduce the chance of error. A simple meal cooked to perfection will be much more impressive than an elaborate meal that doesn’t really make the cut.

Keep It Clean
Cooking can get pretty darn messy. You don’t really want your date to see the kitchen (and you!) spattered with a mess, with piles of dishes here and there. It may accentuate the effort you’ve put in, but it’s not exactly a sensuous look if you catch my drift. And it’s not just visual mess you need to consider; you also need to be aware of the aromas that cooking can create. They can be a little overpowering during the cooking process!

Make sure that you wash up as you go, and keep a sponge handy so you can wipe up any mess that appears. You may also want to take some of the advice at to ensure that your kitchen stays smelling fresh!