DIY // Field Goal Snack Container

This is a fun DIY that I designed and created for our Super Bowl party. All of the materials that I used are quite affordable.  Here's how to make this field goal container.  


Small printed paper container (circular bowl or square shape works) 
Miniature American footballs 
Green ribbon 5 cm Wide (or about 2" Wide), cut the total length of the crate (approx. 38 cm, or about 15"-17”) 
Glue gun with glue sticks 
Small wooden crates 


  1. Take your cut wide ribbon and wrap it around the outside of the wooden crate, centred. With a glue gun, put a dab of glue on the inner side of the ribbon in two to three places to secure closed. Let it sit for a few minutes until cooled. 
  1. Add the miniature NFL footballs to one side of the ribbon covered crate by using the glue gun. Let it sit for at least 3 minutes or so before proceeding with the other sides. Repeat this step to glue all of the balls to each side. I used two on each front and back area, and one ball on the two remaining sides (a total of 6). 
  2. After the glue has cooled, position one straw on the outer edge of the crate, standing vertically. Now add glue (with the glue gun) to the bottom of the straw, try to centre the glue when it comes out on the straw. Quickly place the straw (with glue side) on the bottom edge of the wooden crate to adhere together. Let sit to dry and cool completely. Repeat this step until you have glued all four straws on each outer edge side of the crate.    
  3. Now, take the printed small paper bowl and insert it into the wooden crate by pressing the bowl inside, just let it barely sink into the crate. *Tip: You want the bowl to appear as if it's just laying on top, so you should see the sides of the bowl. Try this one: football printed bowl.