Home Décor: Seasonal Updates For Colder Weather

The weather may still be somewhat warm, but in just a few weeks time it will become much cooler outside. As we get further into autumn and closer to winter than summer, the weather will become much, much colder. When that happens and every time that you go outside you end up shivering, you want to come home to somewhere warm, cosy, and inviting.
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That’s why, just like we update our wardrobes with each new season, we should do the same to our homes. We might decorate them for holidays, but that’s not the same as making seasonal updates.
To give you some ideas and inspirations for transforming your home into a wonderfully cosy space ready for winter, below are a few ideas.

Accessories are key

For any home update, accessories are always crucial. However, for a quick seasonal update, they become even more vital. You’re not redoing your home’s decor; you’re just trying to make it a little more season-appropriate. This means removing any accessories that scream summer and replacing them with cosier, more wintry items. Of course, you want your home to match, so for each room, take the colour scheme into account. The best rooms are, of course, neutral ones. But that doesn’t mean you can’t successfully transform spaces that have a brighter or bolder colour scheme.

Get the lighting spot on
Believe it or not, the lighting that you have in place can have a big impact on how cosy and welcoming your home feels. So it’s something that when it comes to the colder weather is essential that you get right. To get some inspiration for cute lighting solutions, sites like quoizellightingsource.com can be useful. As for the light bulbs, opt for low wattage ones. This is because bulbs that have a high wattage tend to be too bright and harsh. For adding a soft glow to a space, table lamps and dimmer switches can also work well. A word to the wise, scented candles offer the ultimate cosy feel because not only do they add a glow, but also let off warm scents. Well, as long as you pick a scent like vanilla or spiced pumpkin, that is.

Add cosiness with soft furnishings

When it comes to how comfortable and cosy a space is the soft furnishings make all the difference. Throws, cushions, and fluffy rugs can have a big impact on how comfortable and cosy a space looks and feels. To learn how to pick an area rug, check out  http://www.houzz.com. As can a heavy pair or lined curtains. Just make sure to pick designs that work well with the colour scheme and style of each room. After all, you’ll be changing the space again come summer, so you don’t want to have to alter the decor to fit the accessories. So take your time finding pieces that are a good fit for your home.

So there you have it, how to make seasonal updates to your home, ready for the onset of the colder winter weather. Take the above advice on board and you can ensure that your home is as comfortable and welcoming as can be.

How do you update for the change in season?

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