Space Savers: Terrarium Tutorial

3-4 Mason jars (use canning jars) with removable lids 
2 bags faux succulents (or 3-6 succulent pieces) 
Floral wire (gold) 
Black sand 
River rocks or white rocks 
Needle-nose pliers 
Stems from silk flowers 
Wire Cutter 
Burlap ribbon (Optional) 

  1. For succulent jars: Remove all mason jar lids and tops. Set aside. Fill a mason jar with rocks about 4 cm / approx. 2" deep. 
  1. Slowly pour in the sand, filling just above the level of rocks. You should now see the sand mixed in with the rocks. 
  1. Start adding in your moss pieces first (you may also add real moss for aesthetics. I have mixed both faux and real moss). Note: You might need to tip the jar as you strategically place each succulent piece to control your placements, then stand the jar up vertically as normal (with the top opening facing the ceiling). 
  1. Add in one or two succulent pieces by piercing them in-between the rocks and sand. 
  1. Next, to make the retro metal ring around the lid, measure the size of the removed lid top, and cut a piece of floral wire slightly longer than the measurement (about 3 cm - 4 cm). 
  1. Screw the lid top on the jar securely. Then, wrap the floral wire around the entire lid once, meeting one end of wire to the other.  
  1. With pliers, twist the floral wire to secure close (once or twice), and then press the wires flat so that there is nothing sharp sticking outward around edges of the lid. Use a wire cutter to chop excess wire off. That's it! 
  1. Repeat steps above for each mason jar.  

*For the jars with stems
  1. Follow all of the steps above, but use stems instead of succulents for step 3 and step 4: Use a twist-tie or jute twine to secure 5 stems together tied at the bottom.  
  2. Then, stick the newly bunch of stems into the centre of the mason jar, piercing it through the rocks in order for it to stand upright (if you need to add more rocks to make the stems stand straighter, then do so at this point.) 
  3. Add burlap ribbon the each stem jar, it may be in a bow or just tied back in a bow (view images for inspiration). Next, follow the remaining steps above starting with step 5.

View the results in the post here.