DIY Tutorial: Cacti Bags, Quote Tags & Centrepiece

#1Cactus Bags & Plant Life Centrepiece:

8-20 Paint chip squares (You will need 2 paint chips per bag, in two contrast shades of green)
Small treat brown bags
1 Sheet of cardstock
Sharpie marker in black
Glue stick
Planting seeds: fruit/vegetables (to insert in bags)
Your original themed text printed on paper (I created my own: "Keep Calm & Plant Life")
Graphite pencil (optional)

  1. If you have attached paint chip pieces, cut them individually so that each green colour is a separate piece. *I am using two different greens for these bags, but you may use one green if your prefer. 
  2. Now, take one paint chip piece and add glue to the back side of the paint chip. Place the back side of the paint chip on the front centre of one brown bag and adhere together. Press firmly to set in place. Repeat this step for each bag. You should now have one paint chip colour on each bag (See images). Whatever colour green you use for the bags, then use a contrasting green for the next step. 
  3. Use a Sharpie or graphite pencil to freehand draw a small cactus silhouette on the backside of one paint chip card, roughly a tad smaller than the width and length of the actual paint chip (don't worry, it does not need to be perfect). *Alternatively, you can look at a picture of a cactus for visual guidance. 
  4. Next, with scissors, cut out the outlined cactus and use this as a template to cut out the rest of your paint chips. The best way to do this is to line up and stack 3 to 4 paint chip squares on top of each other, then place the cactus template outline on top of the stack. Carefully use sharp scissors to cut around the cactus template, whilst cutting out the rest of the paint chips underneath. Repeat this step until you have enough cut cacti pieces for all of your bags, then set aside. Note: If you have 10 brown bags, then you will need 10 separate cut cactus pieces. 
  5. One by one, take a cut cactus piece in your hand and use sharp scissors to carefully make small angled snips (in different directions) on the edges of the whole cut piece, which will create the illusion of cactus needles. Be careful not to cut too deep! 
  6. Now, use your fingers to carefully twist the top of each cactus piece. Then, twist each side of the cactus piece, lifting two or three edges that are snipped. This will create a 3D effect. 
  7. Lastly, add a dabbing of glue to the back side of one cactus piece and place it on one brown bag, just below the centred paint chip and with the bottom of the cactus piece lining up with the bottom of the bag. Press gently and set aside to dry. 
  8. Write your own themed text on cardstock with a black Sharpie or marker, then cut them out as individual pieces. (Example: I wrote "Plant Me!" on my bags). Next, position the cut text pieces on the bags so that it reads properly, then use a dab of glue on the back of each cut text piece, and glue it to the inside edge of each brown bag. Fill the bags with a variety of seeds for planting.
  9. That's it! Now, you have artful seed bags for a succulent party! 

#2. The Plant Life Centrepiece:
  1. Print my concept quote out, "Keep Calm & Plant Life" or use your own text. Next, use a graphite pencil and randomly draw double curved or double squiggly lines around the entire quote, starting approximately at least 2cm-3cm away from the quote itself. Make the sets of lines spaced apart at least 1cm-2cm. *If you're not too artistic, the best way to do this is to hold two graphite pencils together in your hands as you create the lines. 
  2. Next, roughly cut out the quote, using the drawn lines are a guide to creating your tree root outline. (See images and results). Place the cut quote on your table to display. 

#3. Herb Quote Signs:
1 Sheet cardstock
Sharpie marker in black
Clear Tape
Graphite pencil
Glue stick (optional)

  1. With a black Sharpie or marker, handwrite your preferred titles and/or quotes on cardstock for your party snacks, and the quote areas of your table. (For example, I wrote "Sage Quotes" and Thyme Crunch" for a snack mix with fresh thyme blended in the bowl and fried sage with accompanied themed messages). 
  2. Use a ruler and a graphite tool as a guide, then with scissors cut out each quote. Try to cut each quote with the ends at an angle or slightly curved at the ends, which will make your signs dramatic and artistic. 
  3. Next, use either a good dab of glue from a glue stick, or a thin piece of tape (cut and placed horizontally) to adhere one toothpick to the back left side of one cardstock cut quote, then add another toothpick but this time to the right side (on the back) of the quote. 
  4. Now, you should have one toothpick on each side of the quote. Set aside to dry if using glue. If using tape, press firmly and set aside. Repeat this step to continue to make the remaining quote signs. 
View how everything came together with more DIY party details here, and also this DIY for paint chip books.