Natural Beauty: Traits and Trends

If you want to look beautiful and fashionable, you need to think about the traits of natural beauty. For now, let’s forget about makeup - we’ll come back to it later - and instead think about the key parts of your body that add to your beauty. Or, in some cases, detract from it. There are a few areas to consider here. Once you know which areas to focus on you’ll be able to accentuate your beauty and take your look to a whole other level. We’ll begin by thinking about the hair.
Hair & Beauty

What makes hair attractive? Obviously, one answer would be that beautiful hair is often thick and full. This is why many girls tend to brush back their hair to give it a little extra volume and a touch more oomph. It can also be brilliant if you want to create a carefree type of style to match your attitude.

Unfortunately, we don’t all have thick, lush hair and if you’re in that boat, you’re not alone. A lot of people including celebrities struggle with this issue. It can be particularly troublesome when you want to try a certain style, and you realize your hair doesn’t have the volume necessary. But there are a few tricks you can use to boost your hair volume. You might want to think about using bamboo oils. These have been shown to strengthen the hair and might even ensure that your locks grow back thicker. It’s worth looking online at some of the best shampoos that contain natural bamboo oils.
You might want to try the tea bag trick too. Soaking your hair in hot water with tea bags and then rinsing it out can leave your locks with an unbeatable shine. While your hair won’t be thicker per say, it will certainly be more eye catching.
Those Pearly Whites

Another part of natural beauty would certainly be your smile. White, straight teeth are associated with youth, and therefore this look will always be linked to beauty. Although, one ofbest-kept kept secrets by dentists and orthodontists is that very few people have completely, naturally straight teeth. Nor, do they have teeth that are like pearls. To get this look, you are going to always need a little extra help. If you think your teeth could stand to be a little straighter, you might want to explore the option of six-month smile therapy.

Popular in both the UK and the USA, six-month smile treatment allows people to straighten their teeth in, you guessed it, six months! It might be worth considering if you’ve always been embarrassed by your smile. As for white teeth, there are teeth whitening options. The best teeth whitening products are recommended by dentists. You can read more about this online and find the right one for you. Thankfully, they usually show results in days.
The Skin You’re In

If you have beautiful skin, it’s probably free of blemishes and color issues. You might also have dodged some of the skin condition problems like acne and eczema. Ideally, your skin will be clear and look almost radiant. And, as you get older you’ll also start to worry about elasticity. But how do you get this type of look?

First, let’s go back to makeup. You need to be careful about the type of substances that you are using on your skin. If you want to retain your natural beauty, you should think about using organic substances made of natural materials only. By doing this, you can avoid exposing your skin to any potentially harmful chemicals.
You might also want to think about your diet. Your diet can have a range of impacts on your skin. For instance, by eating a lot of sugar, you can make your skin more greasy and cause it to break out with spots. On the other hand, if you drink plenty of water, you should be able to cleanse your skin, getting rid of harmful oils.

You can even use your diet to correct unsightly issues such as bags under the eyes. If you’re a little bit of a night owl, you might have developed some rather heavy bags underneath your eyes. But, by eating a stick of celery each week, you should be able to clear up the buildup of fluid underneath the skin that’s causing it.
You may then want to think about making sure you are getting all the vitamins that you need for your diet as well as natural substances that help the body stay beautiful. For instance, fish oils have been shown to help people with problems like acne.
Other Beauty Trends

Looking at models is a good way of assessing the natural traits of beauty. One of the things that all models have in common is their cheek bones. They are often quite distinguished, clear and typically high on the face. Now, of course, you can’t change your cheek bone structure without surgery. However, with makeup, you can certainly make your cheekbones appear more pronounced. Contouring is the best way to do this and if you have some skill here you can give yourself the cheekbones of a model. The trick with great contouring is to make sure you are blending properly so that it looks natural.
With natural looking makeup, you can trick people into thinking that you really do have the face of a model.
Another beauty trait would be the eyebrows. Due to an innate evolutionary trait, we do find thicker eyebrows more attractive. You could say this is because it brings out a person’s eyes, but the actual scientific cause is far more peculiar. If you have thinner eyebrows, you can use a pro beauty kit to fill them in and ensure you look like Cara Delevigne.
I hope you have found this post interesting and can use the information here to perfect your own natural beauty. Sometimes, before you start applying your makeup, you have to think about what’s underneath it. Only then will you look truly stunning.

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