Here Comes the Sun: Summer Fashion

You wake up in the morning, and it's light outside! The birds are chirping, there is no cold breeze when you attempt to move from under the duvet, and suddenly you crave an iced coffee in the morning instead of a hot cuppa. This can only mean one thing, one very exciting thing. Summer is here, and there's no need to hide the best bits of your favourite outfits with a winter coat.


Now, there are many things to enjoy about fashion during the warmer months. Skirts, summer hats and shoes that can be cute without having to be practical. Especially the latter. Boots are brilliant, but there's a multitude of other alternatives when rain, sleet or snow isn't involved. Even those out there who enjoy a more monochrome wardrobe can still style summer. It is the season that keeps on giving, a season for all! However, the main thing to look forward to is selecting new dresses.


It’s the sheer amount of choices makes it that much more appealing, so taking a quick browse on, you are reminded of why summer is the best season for effortlessly lovely. Skater dresses for the casual trips to town, midi dresses for that ‘smart casual’ look at work, and maxi dresses for an evening stroll on the beach are great options. Not to mention all the evening wear for those garden parties. And, with online shopping, it’s (almost) too easy to get access to all these different types of outfits.
And the second best thing about the summer dress shopping? Accessorising!. Here we go back to cute shoes. When the temperature is cooler, you don’t get to show off your footwear as often, closed toe styles and boots are in the spotlight. You want to look good, but maybe that pair of high heels for an all day family gathering isn’t always ideal for the cold. But for summertime, adorable sandals, a nicely designed ballerina flat or a wedge will do just fine. You will look great, and your feet will thank you. There's also a much better reason to get a pedicure when the sun is out, something that you never get to show off in Winter.

Let's not forget the bag! It's important to consider bag styles as they can give an insight into your personality, as well as be a good way to finish off an outfit. A whole range of bag sizes are now fashionable, so that eliminates the worry that you will ruin your look when you need to carry something other than your credit card.

Lastly, to make an extra statement, perhaps get a handmade necklace or belt to complete your outfit. With handmade pieces you have exclusivity, knowing that not everyone in the world has the exact design, style or item. We live in a world where expressing yourself is simply done through our clothing. Take advantage of it!