DIY Inspiration: Spring Time Magnets

Time to Grow’ Magnets/Buttons/Bookmarks:

Super glue stick or heavy-duty glue
Large and small paper clips - Optional (*If making bookmarks)

  1. Cut 4 to 6 strips of different lengths of your leaf trim or ribbon. *I cut several strips between 6cm to 12cm.
  2. Insert one strip of ribbon in the centre of one disc, starting with the top of the ribbon entering from the backside of the disc, and working the ribbon through the centre and on the right side of the disc. Hold your finger on the bottom of the strip at the backside of the disc.
  3. Apply glue to the area where your finger is holding the bottom of the ribbon, slowly removing glue finger as you secure it. Press firmly and set aside to dry completely.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have finished all of the strips of ribbon/trim that you want to be applied to the clock discs.
  5. Turn each clock disc over and hot glue or use a super glue stick to add a magnet to each backside.If you aren't using magnets, you can leave them as is to use for crafting accents. 
  6. Other Options: Alternatively, instead of gluing magnets to the backs of each circular disc, I have also attached paperclips to use as bookmarks, and pin backs to use as fashion pins. These are also great for scrapbooking, just attach adhesive to the backsides of the discs.
Happy crafting and getting spring inspired!

Above: Bookmarks