Where's Your Motivation At?

Are you finding it difficult to wake up on a morning or hit the gym? Perhaps you’ve thought of a cool new creative project but just don’t know where or how to get started with it?

If one of these sounds like you, you might be lacking in motivation. In fact, if you feel like you just can’t be bothered with anything anymore, and would rather lounge around on the sofa and watch Netflix all day rather than doing anything interesting, you could be in dire need of some motivation! There are various ways you can try and summon some more motivation into your life. Here are a few of my favourite ideas.


Brighten Up Your Wardrobe
It could be your clothes that are dragging you down. Take a look through your closet and see what the main colours and shades are. Is it just a palette of blacks, greys, and beige? If so, you might find it useful to inject a bit more colour into your life! Next time you go out shopping, try and stay away from these safe hues, and go for something a bit brighter and bolder. Not used to wearing such bright clothes? Start slowly and work on building up your confidence! For instance, buy a bright red sweater and team it with some black jeans. This is a very safe style, and no one will think it weird! So, next time you wake up and can’t bear to get out of bed, pull on some bright clothes. They will instantly fill you with happiness!


Listen To Happy Tunes
Happy moods are contagious, so if you surround yourself with cheerful sounds and tunes, you will find that all this cheeriness will rub off on you. When you wake, put one of Spotify’s uplifting playlists on, and you will soon feel the motivation flood through your body and mind! Go for some fast-paced tunes, such as Beyonce or Lady Gaga. Anything you can sing along to is great, as you will really get into the music, and it will help you forget all your worries! This doesn’t mean that you have to give up listening to all your favourite slow tunes and sad songs. Just be careful not to put these on any playlists you listen to whenever you need some inspiration and motivation!


Surround Yourself With Motivational Quotes
Some people find that motivational quotes can really get them inspired enough to take on the world! So, why not surround yourself with loads of these quotes as well as happy songs? There are lots of different ways you can do this. Firstly, if you work on your laptop a lot, you might want to make your own wallpaper and add one of your favourite quotes. It is also possible to buy wall stencils so that you can paint on some quotes to the walls of your apartment. One really nice idea is to add a quote onto the wall that faces your bed. That way, you will wake up to some really inspiring words every day!

Get Support When You Need It
We all go through periods of low motivation and a lack of inspiration at times, but if you think that this is developing into something else, such as depression, then you should seek out support. After all, no motivation and a lack of interest in day-to-day activities is a symptom of depression, so this isn’t something that you should rule out. You will find that even just chatting with your friends and close relatives about your feelings and emotions will help to get you back on track. If that doesn’t seem to improve things, you should book an appointment with your family doctor. He or she will be able to talk to you about your symptoms and see whether it is worth you speaking to a counsellor or therapist.


Start With Small Attainable Goals
Once you lose your motivation, you might find it difficult to keep focused and continue your work as usual. You might even feel that you are no longer bothered about your personal projects and goals. However, there is a way to change all this. You just need to start setting yourself very small and very achievable goals. These could be something as small as sending out five emails a day or even just getting dressed every day. Of course, your own personal lack of motivation will dictate just how small your goals need to be! Once you start achieving them, you will find that your confidence will be boosted and, slowly but surely, you will find that your motivation starts to come back!


Push Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Maybe you have lost motivation because you have stayed too safe for too long, and have now lost all interest? You know what to expect each day, and don’t feel that you have any reason to push yourself further. Well, you can quickly change all that! To try and remedy this, you should take yourself out of your comfort zone at least once a day.

This could be as simple as going to a different cafe to work in or sending out a pitch to get your creative work in a different publication or magazine. Once you do leave your comfort zone, you will find that you will be a lot more stimulated and inspired, which is key in your motivation levels. When you do step out of your comfort zone, remember to always congratulate yourself - after all, it will have taken a lot of courage, and that is no mean feat!

Remember What The Results Will Be
There are lots of benefits of trying to proactively increase your motivation, and keeping these in mind will help you achieve all your goals. Plus, you will feel awesome once you achieve them!

Sure, we may have days when we don’t feel any motivation. But that is no reason to give up! Hopefully, all of these tips will help you find that motivation needed to be successful in life!