Vanity + Vintage #07: Checks and Balances

What can I say, due to life this week the V+V series has been slightly delayed from minor turbulence (called work). Do not be alarmed instead just sit back and check out a few more vintage pieces that I've been waiting to style. From the good ol' closet, to the jumble sales, and local flea markets... "Houston, I think we have something!"
This mini shirt reminds me of a bolero or dancer's shrug in a way. Regardless of the remembrance, I made this last year with those elements in mind. The vintage-inspired lace trim is something that I picked up a couple years ago and wished I had purchased more. There's something about the navy and cream colour that I adore!

The checkered wool vest was $4.75, I added a crest transfer on it, because I felt that it needed something special. The crest is only basted in case I want to wear the vest without it on some days. You know that I like having options! 

Though spring lives in the labeled months it's been slightly breezy, sunny, chilly, warm, and windy in my recent places, so I've had to wear sandals one day or even a fall jacket the next. Don't laugh, yes I still wear tons of little plaid skirts. I do love them even though they're reminiscent of my schooldays. This particular one was actually around 8" longer, but I snipped it with my trusty shears to create what I deemed a wearable length in a modern way.

 Silk Scarf- $7

Although I have no desire to be a professor of any sort I do admire them, and if I was one this is probably a daily casual look that I'd wear, mainly because of the jacket/blazer. I love this velvet jacket, I picked it up for $14, and though it fits a bit roomy, the lustrous hand on this material will certainly bring you a brighter day.

I am on a mission to find some special gold-toned buttons that will lend themselves very useful in becoming the perfect addition to, yet another new jacket find that I acquired. Over the weekend I saw the most beautiful gold buttons with a horse impression right in the center of the button... however there were only 3 of them, I need 8-10! I'm hopeful that I will find some unique (gold-toned) buttons very soon!

The goods: Vintage: Checkered jumper, Velvet jacket, Paisley scarf, Plaid skirt (mid-calf skirt that I cut-remnants used as a scarf-charity shop, *see upcoming winter posts later). Other items: Heels-Seychelles, Stockings, TopShop , Long-sleeved lace mini Tee, Ladyofashion/Gestalt Collection, Tank/Blue tiered skirt-Express, Geo sandals-local boutique (Canada), messenger bag- Forever21.

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