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As an ardent tea drinker, I will occasionally stray away from my usual selections and stumble upon a good find. Even if slightly delayed in discovery, it still feels like a first win. Dona Chai is one of those finds!  

Founded by NYU alumna and entrepreneur, Amy Rothstein, Dona Chai is dedicated to preserving the quality and taste of the ginger root in producing their special concentrates, blends of tea. 

Now, a few years in, and a family-run businessDona Chai continues to make a growing impression with their small-batch goods. You can find Dona Chai on the shelves at Whole Foods and Anthropologie online, or if you're amongst the fortunate people who happen to live in New York City, Dona Chai is locally stocked in cafes and shops. 

Brand offerings include turmeric, and masala chai (which simply means "spiced tea") as well as gift sets of their quality tea concentrate concocted with plenty of healthy spicesa real treat for your post-holiday palate. What's more, if you're still not on the golden milk train (and you really should be at this pointthis particular turmeric concentrate is subtle enough to make you a believer. 

Both concentrate versions are lightly sweetened and flavourfulnot too pungent. If you're a fellow creative: gastronome, baker, and so on, then you will also love experimenting beyond the teacup. 
Masala & Turmeric: The Blends 
Don't think of this as a traditional Indian masala chai (which we love)this is a tad less peppery, instead, just sip, sip away—soon you'll understand how this Brooklyn chai has its own way of warming up your taste buds. It's fragrant and steeped slowly with cinnamon, ginger, green cardamom, organic loose black tea leaves, and black peppercorns. I actually added a bit more cinnamon to mine because I love the taste of cinnamon and I am used to a stronger flavour!

The turmeric concentrate is a fresh blend of ground turmeric, allspice, ginger, pink peppercorn, black pepper and lemongrass. This version is more of a sweeter and soothing turmeric tea and not bitter.

On The Go Friendly: 
You needn't all the time in the world to make a cuppa with these concentrates—simple to use steps at the readypour equal parts concentrate as milk (1:1 ratio). Don't be shy with your experimentation! Feel free to also add these in recipes, as I did. Breakfast muffins, chai ice cream, or even a spiced tea loaf will take your afternoon tea to new territory. Brooklyn bound, of course.  

Homemade Cinnamon Chai bread, using masasla chai. See the recipe post, coming up soon! 

What is your favourite type of tea? Have you tried Dona-chai?  

The goods: Turmeric and Masala Chai set-Courtesy of Dona Chai

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2018 // The Gathering

When it came to quality wood blocks to adorn our entertaining tablewe looked to John Boos & CoThe company has a deep pedigree of being a world-class manufacturer and producer of wood goodsfrom butcher blocks to work tablesif you're looking to outfit your kitchen, there are plentiful options and styles to love.  

After the holidays, we are ready to move on to the next seasonal occasion without savouring the fact that we're upon a new year, and that itself calls for something special … even more than just denoting it in a mere countdown before the stroke of midnight 

This spotlight feature is focussed on post-holiday merriment; the newness and gaiety of cherished moments. Let's remember that gatherings with loved ones aren't only for annual meets.  

Hopefully, this year you will make more time to break bread together with your family and friends that you hold dear. Enjoy a meze style meal of your own, or perhaps be inspired by ours here 

January, Let's Do This! 
Friends and loved ones travelled our way and gathered together for a slightly different annual party this season. For the Hogmanay feast and celebratory evening, we blended a few non-traditional dishes for our main course, but for the horsd’œuvres it was a smörgåsbord of favourites. Light nibbles also included a catalogue of cheesesspinach-feta pasties, puddings, fruit cakes, along with veggie and seafood options. 

John Boos prides themselves for making the best die-blocks in the world. Well-known for the Boos Block ® wooden cutting boards along with providing speciality goods such as gourmet kitchen and foodservice equipment, John Boos seems to get it right when it comes to quality, durability and function. 

I used these cherry round reversible cutting boards with our tablescape, which gave it an elevated yet rustic edge. The boards are wonderfully thick and sturdy enough to hold your most prized dishes and miniature delightsUse them as cutting boards, serving trays, or tabletop work blocks in your kitchen. 

To keep these boards pristine each month, simply oil and wax your boards with the Mystery Oil, and Board Cream made of beeswax, using the applicator to restore the moisture. 

What do you think of our new year tablescape celebration? 

The goodsCherry R-Board Round-Special thanks to John Boos & Co. Collaborative feature: All opinions expressed are my own. Shop John Boos wood blocks here.  

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