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Happy Easter + Weekend Links


I am pleased to be included in this week's Links à la Mode, for my Smart Travelling post. Do check out the other links from bloggers listed below as well.

I hope you're ready for a wonderful weekend. Mine has already started. If you had a tough week, then try to savour the little things, pamper yourself, relax, or perhaps catch up on some reading.

Here's wishing you a marvellous and Happy Easter or Passover to everyone! Stay tuned next week, I have a fab spring DIY and much more coming up for your to enjoy.
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Links à la Mode: April 17th

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Style Files: Orange, Silver, and Stripes


At your workplace are you allowed to have casual Fridays? I had never been able to fully experience such a day until recently. For everyone, once a month there is a casual Friday where you are allowed to wear dark denim preferably, or relaxed attire that’s also suitable for the office.

Of course, there is always that one person who will try to push the envelope, but it doesn't last very long before ramifications of defiance set in. Some time ago, I was able to wear this outfit, which was great because it was a nice day out. Afterward, I added my trimmed hat and went for a stroll to do some food shopping.
The inspiration was a fusion of casual, yet modern bohemian elements and nautical grace—the only maritimesque inspired pieces that I used were the faux freshwater pearls, and the navy and white stripes. I added some jewelley from the Born Pretty store—the crown pendant was adorable. I was also impressed by the rings, and quality of the pendant. I think adding a mix of brown and silver embellishments to this look made me think of spring even more, although currently cold breezes have arrived here and there.

I know that some people steer away from blending opposing metals or colours together, but I always welcome it. Why not? Instead of pairing a traditional red with the navy I used orange as the bold embracing colour.

This somewhat unconventional style worked well with the charcoal denim combination, and most importantly, a very easy outfit for a casual work day. Meanwhile, this week I am back to adding finishing touches to a few projects

Do you have these types of work days? How is your week going so far?
The goods: Denim-Cheap Monday, Faux pearl bracelet, Silver stackable rings, and crown necklace-c/o Born Pretty, V-neck top-La Redoute, Lace tank-H&M, Studded clutch-seen here, Hat-Oasap, Striped blazer-Consignment shop, Shoes-Anthropologie. Get and extra 10% off at the BornPrettystore using code: TNT10

*I am also linking this post up with Elena of DCinStyle, view other blogger's style here.

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The Smart Tech Traveller


As keen traveller, over the years, I have had to adjust the way that I travel. Keeping up with the latest technologies and having the ability to pack swiftly and efficiently are just a few things that I have refined and tailored for trekking about. When it comes to trying out new things related to the travelling experience, I am always gripped by a good product, which is why I wanted to share with you a genius design by CalypsoCrystal.

CalypsoCrystal produces beautiful mobile accessories with a luxury aesthetic that are all perfect for travelling as well as everyday use. The brand offers products with exceedingly functional design. All accessories have clever capabilities alongside quality craftsmanship.

I recently tested their CalypsoTag, which is a luggage tag with a GPS chip that allows you to navigate your bag by location. By using your smartphone device, you can locate your luggage tag. Forget the busy crowds! Just relax in the airport and know that your bag is safe wherever you’ve placed your tag.

You're notified when your bags come out from the carousel. Therefore, you are aware if someone tries to claim it as their own. I’m sure you may remember a few of my airport stories. Nowadays, everyone usually has a black luggage set and, unless you have an incredibly identifiable style of bag, it’s often frustrating to have to wait for your bags to come around. Although, it only takes a single horrifying experience to have your bags lost to understand the anxiety that one goes through, this design concept entirely alleviates that!
Luxury Travelling Calypso Crystal
All you need to do is download the supporting app on your mobile device and fix your settings by following the instructions, depending on what phone you have. Some people have had mixed experiences with the app, which is by Chipolo. However, after I contacted CalypsoCrystal directly (great customer service by the way) I just made certain that my chip/battery was securely inside the tag, and everything worked perfectly for me. Make sure that you have the proper mobile capability: iOSiPhoneiPad, Android, and Samsung Galaxy. 

I was impressed by the actual tag, which has first-class, hand-crafted Italian leather. The company also has several additional products, including the CalypsoKeyamongst others. Each style of item has its own witty and intercontinental name, such as the “Auckland Jam,” the reflective hue of the “Lyon Exupery,” and the boldness of the“ Shanghai Twists.”

To view more information about CalypsoCrystal visit:

What do you think about Calypso Crystal’s design?
Technology Best 2014 Travel accessories
The goods: CalypsoTag in Barajas Gate,” Courtesy of Calypso Crystal. All opinions and views about this product are my own.

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Relaxed Weekender


I had a nice break away, and wanted to say thanks so much for your support and visits, they are truly appreciated. Stay tuned for special goodies coming soon to share with you in these next couple of weeks.

Sometimes on the weekend when a friend calls you for an impromptu meet up, you may not have it all together or feel like wearing work clothes, but there are still many ways to dress with ease and style. This was one of those times. My friend Zoë had a long layover, so we met for breakfast, and then went to a café for a proper catch up.

What was needed: a weekend ensemble that combined stylish comfort and easy elements to alter for a semi-rainy day. A very relaxed approach was also somewhat essential, since I had a previoius late night, so I decided to grab my safety style elements. A hat, scarf, and jersey knit—a hand-dyed dress suited the occasion perfectly!
It’s always nice to pull out old favourites from my closet, which includes this Calvin Klein jacket that has received plenty of wear over the past year or so, since the day I bought it. After modifying the daily beauty routine, I just grabbed a touch of mascara, bronzer, and a favourite lip colour to finish the look.

Everything in this outfit is from a charity shop, ethical fashion design, vintage, or handmade by me.

How is your week going so far? Have you had weekends like this?
The goods:  Embellished hat-DIY, Croc and Leather Shoes-Bruno Magli, "Doris" Eco Organic Cotton shawl worn as belt-c/o Gudrun  Sjödén, Jersey Dress-Ladyofashion design, and hand-dyed-DIY, Eel Purse-Vintage, Printed silk scarf-Liz Claiborne, Denim jacket-Calvin Klein, Necklace-DIY.

*I am also linking this post up with Elena of DCinStyle. View other blogger's outfits here!

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