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Easy Sides: Roasted Beans

When I don't have too much time to cook or if I am not necessarily in the mood to prepare a gourmet dinner, there are a couple types of foods that I look to for a quick solution: legumes, and fresh root vegetables. Aside from eating loads of fish, vegetables (especially Brussels sprouts, beets, and asparagus) are always easy to prepare. Roasting veggies are generally my favourite, and on some days I just make tapas. But, I decided to switch things up when I only wanted a salad for dinner after a long work day.

Here's what I made to go along with our dinner salads: roasted cannellini beans with tomatoes, mushrooms, fresh herbs (coriander, and basil), and white wine. There's more to come this week, and I am making it part of my #FTalesFoodie diaries. Hope you enjoy!

Oven Roasted Cannellini Beans with White Wine 
1 can cannellini beans or 400 g (dried, soaked, and drained overnight)
4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, and a bit more for finishing
3-4 cloves of garlic (chopped fine)
1 tsp crush red pepper flakes
1 medium onion (peeled and sliced)
100 g sliced mushrooms (crimini/baby bella)
10-15 pcs. cherry tomatoes
118 ml dry white wine
kosher salt and pepper
2 tbsp chopped fresh coriander
1 sprig of fresh basil for garnishing
25 g goat cheese or feta (Greek)

 1. Pour drained cannellini beans in a bowl.
 2. Add garlic, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, cilantro, and red pepper flakes.
 3. Blend in olive oil into bowl, stirring gently with a spoon to evenly cover bean mixture.
 4. In a foiled pan, spread bean mixture on pan, and place in oven. Let bake uncovered for 20 min.
 5. Lightly stir beans. Then, pour dry white wine over beans in the pan. Bake for 20-25 min. until tomatoes and onions are soft, and a few min. more when tomatoes are slightly roasted.
 6. Let stand for 2 min.
 7. Drizzle olive oil on top. Garnish with fresh basil, and add feta cheese crumbles.
 8. Serve, and season with kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste.
Cannellini roasted beans #ftalesfoodie
  I sprinkled a hint more of basil on top. Plate as a side, or eat alone. Serve and enjoy!Fashion Tales recipes beans
Time: 30-45 min. 
Prep: 5 min. Preheat oven at 180C/Gas 4
Rinse, and wash tomatoes, and fresh herbs before proceeding to step one.  
To clean mushrooms, do so in a bowl of watergently turning them with your hands taking the dirt off, then put them on a cloth or towel and pat dry right before slicing them to add to the bowl. I removed some of the stems that were woody, but you can leave stems on. 

Lastly, here's a preview of what I cooked on the weekend as well, flaky scallion pancakes. This was by far one of the best versions that I have tried. It's fairly easy to make and entirely worth an extra morning run (wink)! More images to come soon. 

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Weekender Style Files: For Him

Since our spontaneous getawayit occurred to me that there were a few items for him that were great additions for an random weekend holiday. I certainly didn't want to leave out the gents, so here's an update of what the mister brought on the trip, as well as a few useful and stylish pieces for a winter impromptu excursion

But, first here's a shop that I am currently swooning over called, Loyal Stricklin. Quality goods. If your guy is a leather lover, these designs will make him smile.
  (Images) edited, ladyofashion

Loyal Stricklin's brilliant designs, all handcrafted with leather comes in an array of styles – everything's offered from (campfire approved) cuppa cosies to travel wallets. Check out more of their pieces here

Undoubtedly, there are many designs that are perfect for him, but don't worry, they have other items, like this fabulous tote (made by hand, yes, sans any machines) that's easy to fancy in a glance ladies. Admittedly, I just might grab one of these for myself, it's a savvy complementary addition for your travelling clutch … ahem, or Mulberry bag. 

 Image zoom
(Above) 1-Grey textured jumper (Reiss) very versatile to dress up or down, 2-a good-fitting pair of denim (A.P.C.), 3-Schlott Flight leather jacket, 4-Derby dress shoes or oxfords (ASOS), 5-Dinner Jacket (Reiss) perfect for going out at night, 6-Trousers for a night on the town (Paul Smith), 7-a favourite stylish hat, 8-Durable and versatile boots (Steve Madden), 9-a reliable quality timepiece, and 10-White dress shirt (ASOS).  

Have a warm winter weekend! 


The Wrapping Duo

I know it's been quite some time since my last style post, so I wanted to finally share one of the posts that I had mentioned a few weeks ago, just in case you forgot what I look like.   

Sadly, but also fortunately, I have been extremely preoccupied with non-blog related tasks, all of which is very exciting and has given me less wee hours in night to catch up with some of your blog spaces. Time is a tricky thing, even for the person with the most impeccable time-management skills. 

But, in lieu of focussing on time breaks or the bitter cold weather that most of us have been enduring this winter season, I thought it was best to show the wrapped scarf that hacurrently been on repeat in my wardrobe. 

Of course, scarves are worn throughout the year when it comes to my personal style, so it's not a complete change. The double-sided pattern effect was an eye-catcher though, and gave me a few other ideas for future fashion styles as well. Two classic patterns fused together, creating a very comfortable, versatile, and practical style is not too shabby at all! 

What have you been bundled up in lately?

The goods: Crown broochFelt hat, and Tartan/houndstooth blanket scarf-c/o Oasap, Denim-Express, Top-H&M, Shoes-Secondhand shop, Assorted jewellery-Consignment shop, Kohl's, Watch-WeWood

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Style Files // Burlap Accents

There are many ways to liven up your living space, even if you don’t particularly go for an elaborate display for any occasion. Sometimes simplicity with a dash of fun to set the mood works as a great décor accent for the home.

Since I had additional burlap left from an earlier project, I wanted to share one of two projects that I completed. I created miniature pillows as a centrepiece for our dining room buffet, which will have a more rustic setting for entertaining soon.  
Burlap yardage 60-76 cm (Cut squares/rectangles, 2 pcs. ea.)
Iron-on transfers
Needle & thread or sewing machine
Ribbon-Optional (cut 2 pcs. approx. same Width x Length of cut pcs.)
Metal notebook fasteners 8 pcs./pillow
Filling (Batting see tutorial) Cotton balls approx. ½ pkg.)

Directions: First, cut your burlap fabric in the shapes that you prefer with added seam allowance for sewing, (I cut squares and rectangles in varied scales anywhere from 12 cm-17 cm). You will need two pieces of fabric for each pillow (1 front and 1 back). Next, I created images to use with the iron-on transfers, printed them out, and placed my images on the fabric as I wanted them to be positioned. Then iron images onto fabric. If you need to cut out your images you may do so as well.

To embellish the pillows I used metal office fasteners. This also saves a lot of time. Insert one fastener at each fabric end inward from your seam allowance, this will be on the front side (face side). Close fasteners. I added ribbon to the back of my pillows (optional), and pinned the ribbon at the side seams and centre before sewing them together. 

Then turn both burlap pieces over so that they are facing (face side to face side) with image sides & metal fasteners toward each other. Start sewing along the edges of fabric, leaving an opening on one side that’s at least 5 cm. It’s best to leave the opening in the middle, instead of at the corner, this way each corner will be similar and have a crisp point.

Cut excess fabric on edges, and trim corners close to thread edges (this will make your corners sharp for the next step). Turn inside out. Using fingers, make certain that all seams and corners are softly rounded or pointed (depending on the shape of your pillows).  Now, you can iron the pillows if necessary, otherwise fill each pillow with batting or cotton balls. If you use batting, then cut 2-3 layers of it roughly slightly smaller than your pillows. Pillows can be stuffed as little or as much as possible. To finish the pillows, hand stitch the opening of the pillows closed. That’s it!

What do you think of these burlap décor accents?

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