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Hello lovelies! As much as I actually do adore certain parts of winter, I am readily anticipating the impending change of season very soon. Boot wearing season is very much still alive and well but there's nothing wrong with grabbing a little fashion inspiration for your spring wardrobe, namely footwear. 

Simply Be carries a range of footwear and accessories that are quite perfect for multiple wearing occasions, including the office, garden parties, date night, or afternoon tea with your girlfriends, just to name a few. Recently, when I perused some of the styles on the site, I had any and every type of fashionista in mind because just like a particular handbag, shoes can say so much about a person be it colour, silhouette or style.  
The British brand is known for influencing and inspiring real women in the world to be confident in themselves at any size. One unique piece that women globally can don is a pair of shoesI am partial to wearing ankle boots throughout the year so I make an effort to buy special boot styles with diverse fabrications or textures, and heel heights. Although, the past few seasons I have been into metallic footwear (flats, brogues, etc.)

Simply Be has collection of new styles to love for the upcoming season. I have curated several style selections from the range of shoes and other offerings to inspire you. Have you ever thought about why you choose certain styles of footwear

Above: Shop accessories, including headbands, hats, and sunglasses here. They also offer UK clothing sizes 12-32. This post is brought to you by SimplyBe, a Fashion Tales sponsor. All opinions are honestly expressed and my own. 

Above: 1-Sole Diva-Leather Mules, 2-Sole Diva-Court Shoes, 3-Joe Browns-Printed Ballerina Flats, 4-Jewelled Flats, 5-Loverodbe Jewelled Sandals, 6-Sole diva Leather embroidered Boots 7-Square Toe Boots, 8-Sole Diva Snake Loafers. First image: Metallic Jewelled Court Shoe.

Do you tend to buy the same shoe styles despite the season?


DIY: Affordable and Time Saving Jewellery Tray

Over the past two weeks, I have given you a few tutorials on fun home décor transformations and party themed projects. Now, this project below is quick, simple and will have you wanting to go out to buy a frame to get started. You can even use an older large frame that you already have in your possession.

I have jewellery boxes for fine jewellery pieces, but I have wanted to create a way to display fashion jewellery and those extra ring trays that I have not used lately, so I decided to create a framed jewellery tray. Remember my mason jar project? Well, this DIY blends that same ease of crafting with a little sophistication and an old aesthetic.

Here's how to create a quick luxe jewellery tray:

What you’ll need:
1 Large picture frame (in any scale of preference)
1 Krylon “Looking Glass“ paint
1 Lint-free cloth/microfibre, for cleaning glass
Newspaper work surface

3-4 Sewing pins/straight pins-(optional)
Metallic brass or gold, and black paint pens-(optional)
1:1 water & vinegar ratio in a spray bottle or on a lightweight sponge-(optional)
Paper towel (to dab water/vinegar mixture, if used)-(optional)


  1. Firstly, I used an empty pale gold patterned frame that I applied brass paint to with metallic pens beforehand. After it dries, carefully remove the glass panel from the frame, and set the glass aside on a newsprint/paper lined working surface. 
  2. Clean glass thoroughly with a lint-free cloth. 
  3. To achieve a more rustic look, place 2-4 pins on top of the back side of the glass before painting. I placed 3 pins scattered in the corners of my glass and a 1 or 2 on the middle areas of the glass. *You may also use the edges of toothpicks instead of pins, laying them on the glass surface if you prefer or nothing at all.
  4. Next, start spraying the first coat of mirrored paint (according to the instructions on the spray can) spraying directly on the back side of the glass and over the placed pins. Repeat this step for the second and third coat of paint. *Remember, you are only spraying one side of the glass.
  5. Let glass dry. Afterwards, remove pins if any were used, then carefully set the glass panel inside of the frame (with the mirror-like side facing toward the front of the frame. Enclose the frame and use as a jewellery tray or wall art décor.
Extra: I also used metallic paint pens to roughly fill in areas that I felt needed more paint in some of the frame's bevelled edges (see detailed image above). You can embellish this tray in various ways, such as using several sequins pieces and glueing them atop the painted glass.
FASHION TALES - DIY painted jewellery tray

Note: You may use a spray bottle or cloth (with a 1:1 water/vinegar ratio in-between each coat of spray paint, (as mentioned here) if you prefer, however, it is not necessary) since this is a smoother antique finish. When I did this project, it was rather windy outdoors which helped with achieving the ageing on the glass.

What do you think of my framed DIY jewellery Tray? 
The mirrored effect works on any clear glass that you want mirrored. Voilà!  The results are priceless.
I hope now you are inspired to do some of these lovely DIYs. Have a great weekend!


Charming Gatherings & Valentine's Inspiration

I recently threw an early girl's day party since I was working on Valentine's Day décor, but this one was going to be different. A close co-worker friend announced to a few of us that she was leaving for a year of travelling, so I was asked to quickly put something together, not exactly à la "Eat, Pray, Love" but certainly with detailed tokens to remember.   

I decided to merge the farewell party since I wanted to also showcase Valentine's party ideas. If you're not into traditional lovey-dovey themes, there are other avenues ttake to make it fun. For example, I added humour in darling gift boxes with comedic accents inside to combine sweet expressions, yet also used charming miniature heart cut-outs to balance everythingHere are some tips for blending a special occasion with an already prepared theme. 

How to merge themed parties and ways to make it fun: 

1. Think of one to three crowd-pleasing games: 
Think of games that everyone can get involved in (charades, creative match or guessing games, or a themed bingo, to name a few). It is best to have two in mind in case you end up not doing your first choice. Select games that are easy, engaging and fun! 

2. Dedicated Space:  
If you're putting together a themed party with a person in mind, but you still want the party to be special for everyone, then have a small area dedicated to said person and their interest. 

Even though I knew that I had a Valentine's theme and table to get done, I also added some local flair and décor that the honouree could appreciate, such as travel. Knowing she's a London lady (although currently in Swansea) gave me plenty to work with for creative accentsI knew that the miniature goodie bags that I made with passport stamps would strike her fancy, yet it still did not take away from the main party theme. 
 I made this card label for a travel game that we played. This party theme was filled with DIY creations and playful details. I used passport labels here, then mobile scanned them to design my own label background.

3. Give Yourself Boundaries & Budgets: 
It is very easy to go overboard with decorating, especially when you have a friendly budget or if it's for family and friends because of course, you want them to ultimately love what you've created. However, there's nothing worse than an overdone party that has a major disconnect with the attendees. Make a budget, give yourself parameters and stay within them. 

I always make a budget and I am pretty much either under budget because I save money with crafty DIYs or by finding inexpensive unique pieces. For this theme, I gave myself 3 DIYs to make!  

4. Think on your feet! 
To be honest, we found out about her leaving quite abruptly just a few days before announcing to others of her departure. Therefore, I just took some tube maps that I had, then merged it with fun cut outs to make a little statement. It was effective because I only used it in a small area. Now, for the actual table, I actually used printed foil tissue paper and placed it on burlap fabric to give it a natural rustic yet refined vibe, then I mounted it to the tablecloth with satin ribbon.  

Helpful Tips: When you have an odd number of attendees, here are simple solutions to tackle any place setting space issue:  
  • To make your area more spacious, space out the settings, then add second centrepiece in the middle of the even numbered side of place settings to accommodate the area. Alternatively, the space can also be filled with decorations such as an ornate serving platter.
  • Sometimes I use decorative tea towels on each side of the table to draw the attention toward the space in a positive way. Style the tea towel by folding it or scrunching the towel in a pleasing way. View this as inspiration.
  • You can also separate one setting from the rest and have it at the head of the table. This works well especially for a person's birthdayyou have symmetry on both sides with a special setting at the head of the table.  

What do you think of these blended details? Have you thrown a farewell party before?

I used takeaway gift boxes and personalised them with decorated jewelled adhesive gems for party treats and prizes! 
*The goods: View the DIY cutlery votive holders here. Shop some of the Valentine's Day pieces that I used here- c/o Oriental Trading. As always, all opinions are honestly expressed and are my own. View the floral centrepiece tutorial here.

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