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Lifestyle, and a Pop of Colour


I recently had a perfect little weekend outing quickly turn into an equally marvellous, but unexpected gathering. After brunch, I was out doing a bit of shopping and we had a family friend call to see what we were up to. He had an extended layover, so we invited him for an impromptu late lunch/early dinner.

Most of my friends and family know that I am always making additional stops along the way for spur of the moment visits, whether it's me coming from a business trip or because of extended flight delays. So it was fitting, since I am used to spontaneous meet-ups. This was also an ideal moment to take a snapshot of some recent purchases, including this Monki dress and colour blocked brogues, both on a major sale.  

I used Cortana to see where the nearest bakery was, so that I could hurriedly pickup a French baguette. Then, I wanted to search for something patterned, so I found this houndstooth scarf to pair with my grey, black, and pink colour palette.

This cute printed Paris tote was on sale at Kohl’s, and it is now a favourite little shopping accessory. It’s also quite larger than it looks. A bottle of wine, fresh baked bread, and a few gourmet condiments (olive tapenade, and Crème fraîche) was all that we needed to accompany the rest of the meal, which was smoked salmon and veggies.

I wanted to pretend that it was summer, but I just couldn’t, so I layered this dress with denim printed leggings. Although … this dress will surely be nice to wear alone in warmer climates—I will obviously add it to my “versatile pieces to treasure” closet.

Do you ever deviate away from your plans for impromptu moments?
 Above: taken with Lumia 635
The goods: Skater dress-Monki via Asos, Houndstooth scarf-Chinese Laundry, Two-tone brogues-Burlington Coat Factory, Clutch bag and Paris canvas shopper-Kohl’s, Printed denim legging-Marshalls. Nokia Lumia 635-c/o Nokia. *This post is sponsored by Mircosoft, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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1Dress: Custom Style For Less


If you’re looking for sophisticated dress styles that are glamourous with a bespoke aesthetic, then you just might want to check out

Since 2007 1dress has been providing elegant dresses for women globally. They even offer dresses for little girls as well. There are dress styles for just about every occasion, including evening and formal events, cocktail hour, and especially wedding celebrations. I recently spoke with the company, and browsed the site to see their offerings, as well as find out what has made the brand so notable for the past seven years.

Firstly, they have an incredible amount of style options in dresses—you simply select your dress to order and choose from a wide range in diverse fabrics and colours. There are more than four-thousand styles all tailored for your preferred needs. There is also online help if needed.
Aside from attending the opera, there are only a handful of events that I go to annually, where I need an elaborate dress or evening gown to wear. And, I am usually quite selective in balancing colour vs. embellishments, so it was nice to see their variety, not only in colours, but dress lengths, and sparkled trimmings. Custom evening gowns like these would typically cost close to a fortune, but I found several styles on that would cost less than half the price of a handmade gown with intricate work. 

Typically, extremely low prices affirms that somewhere in the equation, there will be a lesser quality in product, but is the exact opposite. In fact, prides themselves in providing high quality garments and customer service with excellence. The assurance of making the customer happy whilst dressing them in style is the added bonus that sets apart from many other brands.

Here are some of my favourite styles.
Do you have a special event to attend? If not, then pretend that you do—what style of dress would you wear to an evening gala? is an online shop based in Germany, and ships internationally. To shop, visit *This is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed are my own. Images: courtesy of 1dress, and edited by Fashion Tales.

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Frightfully Fabulous Edibles


You might already be geared up for Halloween, but just in case you’re not, I wanted to give you several part suggestions. And, just because it’s Halloween doesn't mean that you can’t party in style. There are loads of ways to be festive in a non-traditional way and even have a laugh in-between.

Here are some inspiring Halloween ideas and links that I loved, including fun cocktails to create for your Halloween party. If you’re in the mood for healthier options, you may want to try this!
(Above) A-Strawberry Ghosts, B-Bloody Vodka Cranberry or Vampire Kiss Cocktail, C-Morgue-A-rita cocktail, D-Ghoulish Breadsticks

 (Above) Risotto de potimarron et fourme d’Ambert
 (above) Big Mouths made of marshmallows, peanut butter, and apple slices.
(Above) Taco dip

What are your plans for Halloween?

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Style Files // Layered Leaves


As promised, I wanted to show you a few more goodies that I found from the H&M sale, amongst others. There’s also special pink Monki number coming up somewhere in the other shopping haul.

I bought this dress for seven dollars, as well as the studded belt! Even though the dress was in the summer section, I am making it a garment for all seasons. It’s travel-friendly, and will transform easily from summer to fall with a jacket and Tee layered with tights for colder months. I wore it both ways, and I scored this feather necklace and hunter green tights for three dollars plus an unexpected additional twenty percent discount ... I quickly paid and asked no questions!

My “Big Ticket Item” as I mentioned before will be very useful throughout the season—in this entire outfit, it was the khaki snood. The colour is neutral and it’s an excellent knit piece for me to pile on top of just about everything else for winter.
I am finding that with all of the technology that we have with Smartphones sometimes it's a bit much, but then there are most where it can really save you. Since I am an avid online shopper, I used another new app that I came across called, Price Watch. It works well for price comparing, and it caters to online shoppers, especially if you love Amazon. Although, I am not thinking about holiday shopping quite yet, I scanned barcodes with it as I shopped for other things, and used price comparisons for a variety of items.  
 (L-image, R-image)

This outfit was inspired by the unequivocal liveliness of autumn colours particularly found in gourds, the hues of pumpkins and squash, the changing of forest leaves, and the setting sun splashed across the night sky. What do you think of my harvest fashion blend?

Have a wonderful weekend! What are your plans? 
I will likely try to visit a couple of vintage stores, and search for fabric (with a French aesthetic) to make a valance.  
The goods: Nokia Lumia 635-Courtesy of Nokia. Printed dress, Snood, Studded belt, and Jewellery-H&M, Boots-Target, Clutch-last seen here, Jacket-Marshalls. *This post is sponsored by Microsoft, but all opinions expressed are my own. 

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