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Mauviel 1830 Copper Pan with Truffle tart

I am showcasing pieces today that are useful for chefs as well as home cooks. The M'150s copper sauté pan by Mauviel 1830, famed for their luxury French cookware. These cookery pieces have a polished copper exterior, with 18/10 stainless-steel interior, and a stainless-steel cast handle. 

The paella pan from the M'HÉRITAGE collection blends two traditional and top performance materials; copper (90%) and stainless-steel (10%). The frame is bilaminated stainless-steel cast-iron from the M'150s line. It's suitable for everyday cooking; blending the best of both materials. 

Much like any investment item that you purchase, think about your uses and purpose; versatility is absolute and this sauté pan can be used for many things. I used the sauté pan a couple of ways, which resulted in a very favourable rustic dessert, and an onion and thyme pastry with black truffles. The former was the perfect finisher for a shared meal. 

All the apple and almond tart needed was a cursory sweep of the pastry brush for glazing on the top, be it for a lustrous garnish or perhaps for the last flavour punch. But in fact, all parts of the steps for this tart were necessary, albeit one would only understand after consuming. A golden brown is preferable for something as delicious as this 

The paella pan is something else on a whole calibre of its own, and ideal to be used for entertaining. The glistening of the stainless-steel handles against the copper body makes an enviable presentation for any kitchen and tabletop 

Mauviel 1830 Saute Pan for everyday use
Frangiapane Tart and Truffle Tart in Luxury Copper Pan

With autumn nearing the topic of our conversations with the ending of summery bliss for outdoor entertaining, a crowd-pleasing dish such as paella can spark seasonal delight and bring everyone together. Paella can have various interpretations. This paellerawhat the special slightly shallow pan itself is called, cooked food really well. I made seafood and mixed versions but it can easily be replaced with more vegetables, meats or poultry.  

The taste of the food is preserved and doesn't alter the nutritional quality of the food when cooking. These pans are fairly easy to clean as well with no re-tinning; the maintenance is quite low, especially if you use the copper cleaner.  

As I have mentioned before with copper cookware one of many benefits are its high-performance — heating more evenly and faster than other metals — for excellent control when cooking. Both of these are fine copper cookware pieces and quite durable. Which one would you choose? 

What do you think about these copper pans by Mauviel

Original recipes in Mauviel copper pan

Mauviel 1830 French Copper Pans

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Seafood Mussels and Shrimp in Copper Pan
Mauviel copper

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