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Willkommen! Welcome to FASHION TALES, 
an international lifestyle blog!

What's in it for you? 
If you're looking for inspiration and style tips on fashion and home décor, then you've stopped at the right destination. Don't fret, if you're a foodie or love beauty, then you will also feel right at home. There's something for everyone here: wonderful bits of luxury, the inspiration for being the perfect host with entertaining concepts, and sophisticated style for the tech-savvy, fellow gastronome, or fashionista.

But, who is Ladyofashion?
Ladyofashion, better known as Madison, is a globe-trotting lady of the city, also a former bespoke men's tailor and ethical fashion business owner. Birthed with the creative heart of engineering, art and fashion have always been fervent guides in her life. 

You'll find her planted in San Francisco, London, occasionally Germany, and a few other places throughout the year spreading her style sophistication. With a career background in 18th and 19th Century costume design, sportswear designing, and as a professional wardrobe and commercial stylist, her fashion aesthetic is quite unique with an "outside of the box" mentality. 

Madison's multi-cultural heritage and residence in many diverse parts of the world have always influenced her fashion sense. That's what this blog is all about: she shares her devotion to culture, art, and fashion with you as an enjoyable lifestyle and gift. 

So why a blog? 
Fashion Tales was started when Madison was living in London as a young fashion designer and commercial fashion stylist. A photographer/graphic artist friend suggested her to document her travels and start writing about fashion. The hobby of writing developed into a passion, and later lead her to become a fashion journalist.

Fashion Tales, a UK/US based international blog, is merely an evolving personal blog with postings of some of the things she loves: emerging talentDIY, runway reviews, tabletop style, and so much more

Madison travels constantly and works in various facets of the fashion industry, including international content marketing, press styling (freelance wedding, food, & home décor styling), and public relations. Her press work includes interviewing and collaborating with award-winning designers, top models, and Fortune 500 brands who have shown at Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. Additionally, she's worked with designers and companies gracing the pages of Vogue, Wired, Forbes, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Schön!, and other global publications. 

Madison is currently an international fashion journalist for New Zealand-based global fashion magazine "Lucire," and contributes to "OUCH!" magazine (UK), and Details magazine (US). She is also a former writer for "Tellus Fashion" (UK) celebrity & fashion magazine, as well as San Francisco-based international fashion magazine "Astonish" Magazine (US), in addition to other publications. 

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