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Laces and Brights: Feels Oh, So Right!

This summer there's so much to look forward to wear throughout the season! For me, it's not solely bringing in the new trends per se, yet it's the old that has caught my eye. Lace is back and where it's at... of course if you follow this blog or know me at all then you already understand how much I adore lace on a level that only a lace maker would probably understand... or fellow lace obsessive fashionista (The LOF/Ladyofashion).  

For this season's summer trends, I'm also looking forward to wearing bright colours. Bold, bright hues are constantly a favourite in my wardrobe so for the summer I've been mostly thinking about pinks, corals, yellows, turquoise hues, and actually any variant of those colours (Yes, this would also include borderlines of the lovely fuchsias, and seafoams).

I decided to begin my summer with a shot of retro and contemporary, taking inspiration from Beds and, Crochet Lace to Chantilly, and even Venetian or needlelace, because to me it's all very good. I'm excited to wear lace in brights this season and have seen a few unique versions of it in shorts and skirt silhouettes, which have caught my eye sprightly with bold colour or by its beautiful charm in nudes.
The story of the seasons:  I love the root of lace (what the Italians called "punto in aria," stitch in air) in general, dating back even as far as the 15th century; with each era, season and time period there's an interesting way of wearing lace even in current forms today. I became an ardent lace appreciator when I worked at a costuming shop where creations of 18th and 19th century clothing for reenactments and theatre took place, since then I have been fascinated with lace making. We can thank Italy and Belguim for its popularity and elaborate groundwork at lace's birth, however every region now seems to have their own spin on styles of lace.

The myriad of colours and fabrics today blended by new and modified techniques for the lace lover is also intriguing to me as much as the artful process in initial creation. Here's inspiration to show my love for lace and brights; together making me anxious to wear colour with intermixing lace in an inspiring way this season.

This post is apart of Kristy Elena's Full-time Fabulous blog event. To view other summer trends and read more from participating blogger's click here!

Further notes: Styles of lace, Lace origins 

The goods: Hat- Courtesty of Goorin brothers, Buckle Clogs-gifted/Spain, Coral-Lace Skirt- Anthropologie, Tee- Roxy, Chain bracelet-Gestalt Collection. (At right):  Turquoise leather belt: Urban Outfitters, Strapless dress- Love, Gold/Turquoise beaded headpiece- DIY (more to come!), vintage: Crochet cardigan with dyed floral pieces added -Ladyofashion, banded straw hat: Urban Outfitters *inspiration boards-ladyofashion

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