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Taking the Wrist, and Making a Twist

Today's DIY is inspired by film, animal prints, and Victorian wonders. Contemplating on what to do next with a few remnants that did not mesh seamlessly with any of the projects that I'm currently finishing I decided to go for something different. I've been obsessed with collars and wrist creations lately, well for many years, yet I'm shocked that I've not done too much with these ideas.

Thanks to blogging, I have been inspired to do more DIY and share a few creative concepts - making them a reality, but also keeping a few extra funds in my clutch... for SHOES of course! With all jokes aside here's what I have so far; I hope that you enjoy.
*To view results skip to images if in a hurry!

Hot-glue/fabric glue
Ornate buttons or any embellishment
Black small snaps
Sewing machine
Needle & Invisible/black thread

Leather Animal:
This printed leather was initially used for a belt I made for a friend, however I wanted to create a bracelet of some sort from the excess pieces. A  wrist measurement is needed. After measuring your wrist and deciding on the length of the cuff/bracelet cut the leather into any shape. I wanted an asymmetrical sharp styled cut for mine. I used rose buttons which added a unique detail by using fabric glue or hot-glue for adhering to the leather. *You may also use faux leather if you prefer. I work with alot of leather so it's close and on hand... don't judge!

Closure: If you do not want to use a button as the closure use Velcro. I attached Velcro (with adhesive) to the leather - where you'd wear it on the tightest part. Be certain before attaching that you aren't able to see the Velcro from the outside. Feel free to make a mock-up with paper if needed.
After the Velcro placement, hand-sew around the Velcro as reinforcement, and may also do by machine if you're a bit advanced - just be sure to watch the needle, and sew slowly. You can use Velcro without adhesive, however I found that I like having an extra stabilizer for the leather, sewing it to the leather definitely helps. You're finished!

Cuff Me, Lace Me:
I know you're probably sick of seeing lace right? Oh well, when you stop over here at Fashion Tales you must know that lace will come up every so OFTEN. haha! I wanted lace cuffs and armbands. I took my appreciation for built-up necklines from victorian blouses and costumes and decided to produce a wrist/arm version of what immediately came to mind. Think of it as a mini bell hem or fantastic skirt for your arm.

I have very small wrists so this was perfect since I wanted to make a statement without wearing a watch or actual jewellery. Start by the normal wrist measurement. This is woven so the measurement if crucial, adding 3/8" for overlapping. I created an additional piece for binding, but you may acquire binding already made at a local fabric store in various colours.
I drew out how I wanted this to look, which is basically an circle pattern with 3 seams (whatever width+added length wanted) there will be a slight curved slit or v where the snaps will go. Leaving 1/4" extra at the top edge of the pattern. With wrong side up, seam-to-seam sew both front & back pieces together, turn inside out, press. Baste the top edge. After gathering my pieces at the top you should have seam allowance (1/4") or whatever you made your seam allowance. Take the binding and fit the basted top edge of lace into the seam of binding. Sew binding to lace by top-stitching at edge. Hand-sew snaps on lace one on each side (w/ overlapping). If you like, you may also top-stitch at hem of the lace. I just pressed it nicely in the seams and edge stitched. Here's the result. Wishing you a wonderful day.
Be inspired!

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