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Oh yes, and one more thing... 
Okay, so you don't know what to do with those straps that you've cut off your bag? Well, here's what I did with the pieces leftover from the animal-inspired clutch that I made the other day.

I transformed the handles/straps into mini (cuff-like) bracelets! Additionally, a second clutch was also created, because my younger sister wanted one, so I decided to make the version of her's a bit more sleek than mine, however still having attitude. Enjoy and see below.

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What you'll need:
Handles/straps from bag
Sewing machine
Small loose chain (can be flat or rolled)
Fabric & metal glue
Flat elastic 3pcs. cut 2-3" length/ea.
Button or Velcro if you don't have elastic
*Love & patience (for newbies working w/ loose chain)
Stacked & Straps:
After the cut measurement of your wrist to where it's as tight as you want the cuff to be take chain and lay 2 or 3 pieces in a desired design. Carefully glue the chain to the fabric, you may also use tweezers for placement if you have a shaky hand during application. I used a mixture of fine chain this time because I wanted three separate rows.

Afterward the drying process takes place and it's time to add a snap, button or Velcro for closure. However, instead of those stated I decided to create a braided elastic method. To do this you'll need the cut measurement of elastic and start braiding the pieces together, if you like go ahead and place tape on one end until the other is finished. On right side of fabric to right side of braided elastic (=face to face) join the seams together. Cut excess closely, then flip cuff over and top-stitch to secure strongly in place. Repeat this for the other side of the elastic. That's it!

For the second bracelet, I used more feathers from the Ladyofashion archives, and placed my selected design in the center of the strap/handle. Make a center stitch to tack in place, then use a small amount of fabric glue to adhere the feathers to the strap/handle. *Repeat the closure process as above. I used a manual braided elastic here as well, giving it a unique look. Here's the result!
Zwei Clutch!
This clutch was from the bottom part of the initial bag, it needed depth to whatever design I was going to choose. Making a simple adornment by using printed pleather attached to a vinyl piece I cut the pleather to the length of the clutch (minus 3/8" total) and a separate piece approx. 6cm or so... This will be the added piece for a dimensional effect. Top-stitch the pleather (above used as a center focal point) to the clutch Using studs that I already had from a previous project, I adhered them to the separate piece (use metal glue or hot-glue). Of course studs and other adornments may be acquired at your local arts and crafts store.

All seaming was pretty much done, the main thing was to create a lining, becasue it had to be pretty much torn out for the initial clutch. Use a sewing machine to stitch lining on the inside straight to the clutch or you may use fabric glue if you prefer. I sewed mine. I also have an additional strap piece from the bracelets and used it as a binding piece sewn at the top and bottom of the clutch openings. For closure, I used magnets, but you may also use buttons, Velcro, or snaps, etc.

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Mission: To use all of the fabric from project:  Mission complete.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Uhm, this is amazing. I can't believe you made these!!! 

  2. Pauilnalg12 July

    Amazing tutorial! you got a really cool blog I'm your new follower hope you can take a look at my blog and follow back :)


  3. how creative and it looks stunning!

  4. Your feather cuff is so awesome - i'd totally rock that!

  5. Kenyetta12 July

    i need to get into creating things like this myself love the cuff!

  6. Mattieologie12 July

    Ooooh, I totally need that feather cuff in my life! Madison you're so thoughtful and creative!

  7. Ofelia12 July

    I adore the bracelets, specially the feathers one!

  8. Good idea to use the straps as bracelets!
    of Live Life in

  9. I love your no waste mentality!!! Great job!

  10. I love the bracelets, great idea!

  11. That's so clever! I love re-purposing!
    :) f

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    The House in the Clouds

  12. the nyanzi report12 July

    great job. well thought.

  13. Thanks! So easy to do as well! :)

  14. Thank you dear! -xxoo

  15. haha! yes, you know me just creating away! I love making things hon; give me glue, paper and rubber band, fantastic art will happen. hehe!
    Seriously, I thank you for your very nice comment dear. xo

  16. Hi sweet lady! Thanks. yes everyone needs a feathered cuff. Perhaps I'll go into business, j/k! Enjoy your day lovely. :)

  17. Waste not want not... haha!
    Thank you for noticing, yes especially for this particular project I really wanted to use all of the material. 

  18. Thank you Fabienne! Wishing you have a wonderful week. :-)

  19. Aren´t you clever. What an inspiration, my dear madison.
    I shall miss you

  20. Anita12 July

    Good morning fashionista! I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog yesterday! You have a great style and I LOVE that you find ways to create your VISION..that is what it's about!!! Have a great day, Anita

  21. What great textures and a creative use of those straps - very cool!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  22. You are good!  I admire this talent - thanks for your great comments btw much appreciated x


  23. Miss Neira12 July

    This is amazing! so crafty! and what a superb look.

    Miss Neira

  24. loved the clutch and the diy jewelry is even better! Love the feathered bracelet!

  25. Gawsh, Mad!!! You are amazing at diying! I'm so happy you are also doing no waste diying :). The bracelets came out great and I would love to own the original clutch you made! 

  26. awesome job! love the feathered one.

  27. I love your upcycling projects. Still hard to believe you used everything. BTW following on Bloglovin as the Google Connect one is hidden

  28. Thanks Jamillah! Yes, there really was no reason to leave anything leftover for this DIY, it was truly inspiring. So happy that you like it dear. xxoo

    *Oooh, I may need to make you something... after I get settled. 

  29. Thanks Sarah! i'm planning on wearing these alot! :)

  30. Hi doll! Thank you, so glad that you checked it out. :)

  31. What a great idea. I love this DIY. I am looking for a project to try and use up some pieces of fabric that I have from shortening clothes.

  32. aww, I really appreciate the sweet words Claire. I enjoy creating things. 
    It's always nice to visit your blog. Thank you! xxoo

  33. Oh hello and Welcome Anita! Thank you very much! 
    it's always fun thinking of new ways to produce something from your closet. :-)

  34. Many, many thanks darling! I will miss you as well, as we are both on a holiday, but yours much longer - do have a wonderful time & safe travels. -xxoo

  35. Hello & thanks!  Have a lovely day! 

  36. It's fairly easy to do as well. Thank you! :)

  37. Thank you for the lovely comment. 

  38. Thanks Ofelia! Feathers are always a favourite of mine.

  39. Thanks Shasie! yes sometimes a fashionista has to be innovative... well, you don't "have to," I suppose, but I do like it. LOL  -xo

  40. Hi Kavery, for me using everything was key for this project. So glad that it worked! Thanks so much! 

    *Yes, Blogger's "Google connect" has been unpleasant lately.

  41. Ruby Geentjens13 July

    love those bracelets!

    xxx London


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