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Block Party: Hue-Rocking

Dearest colour, I adore the sweet emotions that you evoke when I'm wearing my favoured hues. Though, some days I must admit it may seem that I am biased between you all (likely because of seasonal transitions), but I truly love you all the same. But, yellow? Well, that's on an entirely different level of admiration.

I've actually always adored the colour yellow, and blue since I was a child ... not a heaping amount has changed except for the simple fact of being more experimental with hues in general, throughout my wardrobe regardless what's in fashionably.

Do you wear colours that bring happiness to your stylish soul?

Here's a fun ensemble that I wore recently. It's also a part of Jill's "How I Wear My: Colour-Blocking" event. Do check out the other bloggers here, who are showcasing their colourful style in diverse and brilliant ways.
Here's to rocking your favourite hue and wearing it confidently!

The goods: Sandals-Seychelles, Cardigans-H&M,Express, Retro gauze dress-Antique thrift shoppe, tea pot- Anthropologie, necklace-SF Flea market.

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