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Subtle Influence: The Fashion Selective

From any era of time, history has been made by you and I ... it is being made every day that exists. There are moments being recorded in printed installments and life styled sections from someone's perspective. Is it possible to be influenced from others without knowing? Can adults be as impressionable as children in some degree.

This came to mind from an interesting discussion that went on at work as I heard a worker (from another department) proclaim to others that she was not into "older fashion" ... In fact, she said, "I have never been influenced by fashion or trends." She spoke forcefully to a third party within my hearing. Well ... my, my, my, that was quite interesting given the fact that she used the word never, at the same time wearing a boyfriend blazer and floral printed trousers!

This little rant of hers went on for a bit. If it were not necessary for my presence to be in the room because of a task, I would have left earlier with the faithful few who stood alongside me during this charade of ridiculousness. But, brief chortles aside, she was so resolute about her fashion convictions of not being influenced by trends that something had to be said. Most cohorts in the room did not give her a chance to finish, however I decided to hear her out before my retort.

We all were befuddled and slightly humoured. I explained to her (think, a more succinct yet superbly tactful Miranda speech) of how we're all influenced by fashion in some way by our mere selective daily attire. It doesn't mean that you only wear trends. However, first explaining to her what "trend" and trickle-down effect actually meant was key. "What's the point ... I don't even read fashion magazines," she said. Okay, now, my patience was wearing thin, likely because I had also skipped my morning espresso. You needn't worry though, it all ended very well.

Fashion, no doubt, often provides an uplifting source of confidence that one exudes and chooses to display. For some, it's donning bold patterns or a minimal showcase of quality jewellery. For others, fashion may be the art of concocting a stylish ensemble from secondhand items or solely finding worthy vintage garments. The list goes on.

We create our own news in our style parading the streets with our individual gait of fashion glory. Fashion: it's creative expression worn and distinctively styled by the wearer, and sometimes with our body alone being commissioned as the head stylist!

With that being said, have you recently remembered a specific fashion period, trend, or silhouette that you said you would NEVER wear, a colour or print that you may have flipped the finger to decades, years, months, no, just seasons ago?

Now, you find yourself embracing it because of that subtle influence. Whether it be from a blogger, an ordinary Jane or John in passing, perhaps an enjoyable film we are often inspired indirectly as well as by direct persuasion. It doesn't mean that we have to be a trendy-wearing sponge. Yet, it just signifies that we lively exist, having a style absorbent quality in us that's also open to evolving, even if not in a timely fashion.

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