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Branches, Pumpkins, and The Midnight Sky


These hues might be unlikely colours that some people would normally put together, but for me it's just fine since I love bold colours. I like daring oranges and mocha browns together, so it wasn't too much of a stretch to also be drawn to the deep navy colour jumbled into this autumn palette.

At first glance, for some reason to me the colours (in this dress) are reminiscent of a tree branch, the skin of a pumpkin, and deep blue reflections of the night sky. Sometimes clothing patterns and colours may remind me of work of a certain artist or surrounding architecture amongst other elements, however this time inspiration consisted of an assortment of influence.

When I selected the dress I was slightly hesitant, uncertain that it would suit me completely, but I'm glad that I took the risk! The colours appealed to me, and I was in a state of bliss when I finally stepped into the unique fashion blend!

The colour medley alone had me in a spirit of fall nonetheless ... so, of course I welcomed the season with open arms!

Have you welcomed fall or are you still enjoying the last spurts of summer weather!
The goods:  Leather bag-Thrifted/Ann Taylor, Dress- c/o CocoFashion, Shoes-Secondhand shop in Copenhagen, No Hassle Tassels- DIY, Faux leather jacket-Marshalls, Handmade tiger eye bead necklace-gifted, Wooden Necklace-Aldo, Belt-Michael Kors

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